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Take advantage of the local farmers market and buy whatever root vegetables they have. Drizzle a small amount of balsamic vinegar over the vegetables while they are still hot.
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  • Did this for Thanksgiving a few years ago. It was a big hit! - 9/11/17

  • I want to try this, but it is so many carbs and I am limited to 35 gr per day. - 3/13/17

  • Veggies do best for you when roasted or steamed for me : ). Thanks for the sweet potato VS Butternut calories thingy. - 2/5/17

  • I love roasted vegetables especially roasted brussels sprouts and carrots! YUM!!! - 1/23/16

  • This looks delicious. Must try - 3/8/15

  • I make this for Christmas dinner and everyone loves it. Last year I didn't have squash but used carrots, turnips, rutabaga, kohlrabi and sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes made it have a natural sweet glaze. Super yummy. - 1/12/15

  • The subject was "roasting root vegetables" but they started with squash, which is NOT a root vegetable. - 12/14/14

  • I am always looking for new ways to use vegetables. - 11/24/14

  • I love roasted veggies. I usually cut them quite a bit larger than this, though. I haven't tried it with balsamic vinegar before so next time I will. Sounds yummy! - 10/9/14

  • I never thought of chopping them all the same size. I always just cut them up in difference sizes. Now I learned this is better because they cook more evenly. - 9/28/14

  • Looks delicious, i will make it. - 9/1/14

  • The in the interest of accuracy, the term is "al dente" not "a la dente" - 1/11/14

  • Sounds & looks great!!01-08-14 - 1/8/14

  • Did this receipe! Excellent and easy to do! Highly recommend it!!! - 12/16/13

  • Going to give it a try. - 10/16/13

  • Sounds great, this is my next adventure in cooking...will try it tonight for dinner! Thanks. - 1/31/13

  • Looks good and would like to try different veggies -- suggestions on the mixture? - 1/25/13

  • Hallelujah--a video showing foods not saturated in meat! I don't like to cube the vegetables into perfect uniform pieces though--it tends to give them an over-processed look that isn't very visually appealing. I roast carrots and parsnips whole (they just take longer to roast). - 1/17/13

  • Sounds good I will try this soon
    - 10/18/12

  • MMM mmmmm Good I love Root Veggies. Thanks for the tip. - 10/18/12

  • I have tried the recipe using capsicum, white onions, thin slices of potatoes and sprinkled with amchur powder (mango powder), or chat masala or ground cumin powder, all of which can be bought from Asian speciality stores. I have also used sesame oil instead of olive oil - delicious. - 10/18/12

  • Very tasty vegetables! - 10/10/12

  • Sounds yummy! - 9/23/12

  • what a wonderful way to have your vegetables. Sounds delicious! - 3/23/12

  • The veggies were delicious and easy to make. I love this recipe. - 10/27/11

  • Looks delicious! Love the colors of the veggies! - 10/27/11

  • I will try this. Look easy - 8/4/11

  • smell delicious vegetables...i love to eat - 7/29/11


  • Will use this recipe today! - 6/10/11


  • This recipe is just what i will try, for my tea 2nite, cos normally i dont like non root vegetables. - 5/31/11

  • I've been enjoying the simple deliciousness of roasted root veggies for the last few years, and i'm hooked. Give me a bag of carrots, a few turnips, and a stalk of fennel and I'm good t go. - 12/21/10

  • wow i never knew it could be so easy thanks meg
    - 10/26/10

  • These vegetables look so good. - 10/19/10

  • looks fantastic - 10/19/10

  • I sprinkled my vegetables with 'mediterranean style herbs such as basil, oregano and rosemary. I sprayed with olive oil and roasted. - Delicious - 10/19/10

  • This is great minus the oil and put in alluminum foil that has been sprayed with cooking spray. On the grill or in the oven this takes about 20-30 min. I did this so that I had no extra dishes or pans in the summer, but when I cant grill the oven works. - 10/18/10

  • Yumm! Thanks for the recipe! - 10/18/10

  • I eat roasted veggies all year 'round. Love to add shrimp to top 'em off. - 10/18/10

  • sounds deelish. i'll try this. - 10/18/10

  • Sounds like a wonderful recipe - 10/18/10

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