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Mini desserts are a healthy eater's salvation. When sweets are pre-portioned, it's harder to cheat. You can't say, "Well, I'll just have a small sliver" or "I'll just even out this side of the cake..."
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  • Oh this looks yummy. I want to try them!!! Thanks for the video. - 12/18/14

  • What a great summer desert, I love lemon curd and also make raspberry curd for a different taste, made a great desert for company! For people not getting the yellow color take a look at your eggs, the yolk should be dark yellow not pale lemon colored, or you will get pale curd. - 11/3/14

  • Those are so cute. They almost look like flowers. There are a lot of possibilities. I am looking forward to making these. - 8/1/14

  • I,too, didn't get it the orange color that you put in the bowl
    - 12/14/13

  • Today's breeze is below zero, but these still sound good! - 12/12/13

  • Really enjoyed learning how to make this dessert. thank you - 12/5/13

  • This recipe n video look awesome! I will definitely try this! - 12/3/13

  • Don't think I will like those. - 6/13/13

  • HI i love this and i like this i will try this receipi but what you put 2 tsp orenge colour that i don't understand please if it is posible send me this Lemon-Berry Tartlets recipe in writing please thanks - 3/17/13

  • Ant wait to try these! - 3/16/13

  • Never used phllo dough but makes it look easy!
    - 12/29/12

  • I love this! I'm not a pumpkin or choclate fan so it's hard to find healthier desserts with out chocolate. - 11/11/12

  • great! love it! - 6/2/12

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