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Cooking fish or chicken in parchment paper packets is a technique known as "en papillote." The protein stays moist without any added fat, and the herbs and fish lend flavor to the vegetables.
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  • Looks great - 4/14/21

  • This looks like a great idea. I love the easy cleanup too! - 5/6/18

  • Delicious - 2/3/18

  • Great video thanks for sharing - 1/22/18

  • thanks - 9/30/17

  • For it was not into my ear you whispered,
    but into my heart.
    It was not my lips you kissed,
    but my soul.
    - Judy Garland - 7/26/17

  • Curious why only the white part of Leeks? I can't tell much of a difference in flavor. Is it more for esthetics? or because more cleaning to get the grit out of the green part? I see people saying "only the white" and it seems so wasteful. Leeks are expensive $2-3 !! - 7/7/17

  • Oh,I'm trying this. Easy and yum - 6/17/17

  • Looks good. Will have to try this. - 4/24/17

  • Made this but on foil lined cookie sheet due to time constraints. It was delicious. Hubby and both sons really enjoyed it too. - 3/29/16

  • Why must the parchment be cut in a heart shape? That doesn't make sense to me. - 12/5/15

  • Prepare easy and healthy meals with the Paleo Recipe Book - 9/22/15

  • Thank you for this. It's was a great explanation, even if you are new to the kitchen. I plan on trying this. I love fish too and it's hard to find something quick and easy AND good! The tips throughout the video are fantastic as well. :) - 8/1/15

  • Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I've been trying to get back to
    Cooking fish love the capers idea; the wine w/different fish; cilantro
    sounded good and most of all the easy clean up. - 3/21/15

  • Sounds great! I'm going to try it tonight!! - 2/28/15

  • I have an electric stove, so am a bit confused about the step that calls to place over an open flame. Can anyone help me? Thanks - 2/10/15

  • Very good - 1/1/15

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  • I added capers and put precooked brown rice under the veggies and fish because the juices are to die for. - 8/16/14

  • I have made this recipe once and it was delicious. Looking forward to doing it again - 7/29/14

  • I am going to make this for dinner using basa fillets! - 6/16/14

  • I made this recipe with tilapia. It was excellent! - 4/25/14

  • I agree you need to include closed caption to be inclusive of all Sparkpeople!
    Please! - 1/30/14

  • This is something I'm going to try! - 1/26/14

  • I'm going to try this, it sounds easy and delicious! - 1/18/14

  • I haven't any speakers and I believe I can follow this recipe and make my own. I know I can, its a no brainer.You can choose the fish you want, the veggies you want, and the posting to get to this explains that you just need a few ingredients,there is also a place to click at the itsays see recipe. - 1/17/14

  • As a deafperson, I need open (or closed) captions. I can manage with the recipe instructions but videos usually have helpful information that isn't included in the recipe. Give us all a break. - 8/28/13

  • What kinds of vegetables would work best? I'm not a fan of peppers. Can you use asparagus, green beans, broccoli, or julienne carrots?
    - 8/18/13

  • mmmmmmmmm, need to try this thx - 7/17/13

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  • I am going to try this recipe next week. - 7/6/13

  • Will try it. - 6/8/13

  • That was great I am now going to try this method as I have now seen how it is done. I love this section. - 6/5/13

  • I never thought of parchment paper. What a great way to cook fish! I can't wait to try it. It sounds good for the camping van too. - 5/22/13

  • Going to try this, but will use talipia instead. - 4/9/13

  • I think I will try this using Talapia and cooking it in the George Foreman Grill. What a great idea as we are full-time rv'ers and if I don't like to run the oven too much!! Thank You - 2/18/13

  • Looks good I would like to do this with shrimp. I don't like fish that much. - 2/7/13

  • i think the video was well done - 2/1/13

  • So easy to do and very good. I need to eat more fish. - 1/16/13

  • I use parchment paper for my George Foreman Grill and love that I can now cook fish on it without a HORRIBLE mess to clean up. - 10/7/12

  • I would have loved to see the finished product. Should it be served immediately or can it be warmed again later? - 9/13/12

  • This looks nice and easy for cooking for one. I think I'll try it for dinner tonight!
    - 8/28/12

  • This is a great way to cook fish. I use salmon with spinach, tomatoes, avocado, garlic and black pepper. With white fish I will add a splash of white wine and lemon, along with the same vegetables. It steams the fish nicely and does not smell the house up. You will love it if you like fish. - 7/4/12

  • This sounds GREAT!!!! I can't wait to cook this. My husband and I love fish. And so easy to cook and clean up after, my kind of meal! - 5/20/12

  • Thanks Chef Meg for the video. I was curious as how to fold the parchment as I've botched it so many times before. A great help. - 5/14/12

  • I made this for dinner last night using salmon and it was yummy! The fresh herbs and lemon made this dish taste so clean! This is now a staple! - 3/22/12

  • I find the sole salty, so would try with tilapia too. How long would it take to cook basa this way? I find it takes so much longer to cook - 3/21/12

  • I will try this - 3/13/12

  • Thanks! The cilantro sounds wonderful. - 1/22/12

  • This looks worth a try. I have some catfish nuggets I might try to use since she said catfish is a good option.
    - 11/7/11

  • Since I'm not a fan of citrus, for recipes using a white fish, I recommend a liquid of Rice Wine (not rice wine vinegar, which is slightly easier to find, just plain old rice wine). It's a light, delicate flavor that will complement the fish and veggies. - 10/1/11

  • i am trying this tonight but am useing foil know it well be great thank for a good idea for dinner - 9/25/11

  • I am looking for some fish recipes. This look like a good one. I think I'll try it tonight. - 6/30/11

  • Looks good! I'm going to try this. I've never used parchment paper ... guess I can find it at the store. ?? - 6/23/11

  • I would love to have seen what the finished fish and veggies looked like! But it sounds great! - 6/2/11

  • I made this for dinner and it was great! Thanks for the recipe. - 5/18/11

  • I've used this method before and REALLY like it. I would, however, add a tiny bit of olive oil. Just brings it together and the fat will help the nutrients in this be better absorbed. Because it is so low in calories you wouldn't over do it, and it may be more satisfying. - 3/26/11

  • Peppers of any kind do not agree with me, but I think I'll try this recipe with asparagus or julien cut carrots. - 2/11/11

  • Mmm...That really looks good. I am going to try that. - 2/10/11

  • I love the parchment paper cooking. Easy and easy clean up. - 2/1/11

  • i love the en papillote technique - done it so many times already - always delicious and sooooo easy and quick! - 1/29/11

  • I have saved this to do later. But it sounds great - 1/26/11

  • This sounds easy and 'classy.' When thinking about veggies, think of quick cooking veggies, like zucchini. I think carrots wouldn't cook enough in 7-8 minutes, unless you make them see through thin! - 1/17/11

  • This is one of my favs!! Very easy and yummy!! I did this for my family and we set it up life a buffet with all kinds of veggies and everyone get to make their own, and white wine as the juice was great!! - 1/7/11

  • Oh I can't wait to try this one, and for Cindy looking for Bell Pepper Alternatives, what about thin carrot sticks or asparagus, i wonder if spinach is a delicate enough flavor too? I'm no cook but that is what is served a lot with fish ;) - 12/24/10

  • I will try this style but am allergic to bell peppers so this recipe is not for me as written. I wish Meg would not always use bell pepper in every non dessert recipe. Not sure what veggies I will use. - 12/3/10

  • My husband and son (who doesn't like fish) gave this one a BIG thumbs up!!! My husbands also said it looked "gourmet". I love how easy it was. Definite keeper. - 10/14/10

  • Never tried Sole this looks interesting. I'll try it. - 10/5/10

  • LOOKS GOOD - 9/22/10

  • Tried this the other nite and it was good. Will try again. - 9/8/10

  • I had this with orange juice as the liquid if you want more ideas. it even had some orange segments mixed in and I think broccoli. - 8/19/10

  • I love fish! And this sounds delicious. I've done it in foil packets, but never thought of using parchment paper. I actually have all this in stock to try soon! - 8/9/10

  • sounds good !!!!!!!!!!!!! - 8/5/10

  • What a great idea..never thought of Parchment Paper!!! Will have to try this. - 5/14/10

  • I've never sole fish or pockets. I'll try this recipe. - 4/20/10

  • I love this video. you give such good instruction to follow and its easy. I'm always looking for ways to cook fish. I love fish but never know how to cook it to get rid of that fishy taste, or know what type of fish to choose.
    Thanks Meg. - 4/9/10

  • Why can i not hear this video - 4/9/10

  • looks good, sounds great..will try soon - 4/5/10

  • like the pockets and the steaming is great way...I use pockets on grill and oven...good recipe...will try it. - 4/3/10

  • I will try this is sounds good, Thanks. - 4/3/10

  • I eat fish six days a week. A definite try! - 4/3/10

  • I love fish and veggies cooked in packets. It's so easy and so fresh. So far I have two recipes I love, but this video has inspired me to just experiment with veggie and herb cominations. Thanks! - 3/23/10

  • I have never coked with parchment, I will try it! - 3/20/10

  • This was easy and good! I did this with rainbow trout, summer squash, onions, mushrooms, variety of spices and 1 tablespoon of white wine (1/2 oz for the calcualtor) .. calories came out a little more because of the trout but well within ranges I had. paired it wtih Kashi 7 Grain Pilaf. - 3/16/10

  • i will try one day. - 3/13/10

  • Loved it!!!! - 3/7/10

  • This looks great!!!! Leeks would be new for me. My family loves fish--this is just in time for Lent!! - 3/7/10

  • I am going to try this with Salmon, Zuccinni, mushrooms and onions. - 2/2/10

  • Can aluminium foil be used instead of the parchement paper? - 2/1/10

  • I definately want to try this one. - 1/23/10

  • When I was younger I ate a fish en papillote - but it was NOT as healthy 'cause it had an egg cream sauce. Love this one! Fun to revisit an old favorite with a new healthy twist. Thanks - 1/21/10

  • Thanks for giving us another healthy way to prepare fish. - 1/21/10

  • I tried this with cucumbers, carrots and fresh green beans and it was delicious! - 1/20/10

  • I am always looking to add fish into my diet and I love this idea. Would it work in the microwave with the ziploc bags they have now I wonder. - 1/7/10

  • look iam going iam going to try this one. - 12/27/09

  • I tried this recipe with Tilapia and it was delicious. - 12/15/09

  • That looks so good and healthy. - 12/12/09

  • Sounds great!! - 12/12/09

  • I would like to try this soon. I love fish! - 12/12/09

  • I can't wait to try this. I might try it with flounder or cod fish. - 11/20/09

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