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If ever there was proof that salads don't have to be boring to be healthy, this is it.
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  • Looks good, I would substitute the goat cheese. I love the simplicity of it though. - 3/14/18

  • Gonna try this for lunch - 2/11/18

  • This looks very appealing and I am planning to make it this weekend! - 9/29/17

  • I would love this! Unfortunately though, my kids and husband probably wouldn't touch it. - 9/9/17

  • looks good. - 5/16/17

  • I would think feta cheese would be a good substitute for the goat cheese Bunny59. - 5/5/17

  • Looks good but what can I use instead of goat cheese. - 5/5/17

  • Every day, treat yourself as if you were your own best friend. - 5/5/17

  • I would like to make this salad but I can't have Pomegranate because of high blood pressure. I'm going to make it with the juice from an orange and hopefully it will be great tasting. - 3/15/17

  • GREAT recipe!! - 3/15/17

  • Refreshing salad just going to skip the onions. - 3/15/17

  • I did try this salad for a carry in supper for a church activity. People were still talking about how good it was this morning! It is a keeper! - 5/31/15

  • Looks good and healthy. - 4/25/15

  • sounds like a great salad. - 3/13/15

  • This is delicious. I love goat cheese. I'm sure Feta could be substituted. Love the idea of adding chicken and making this an entree! - 10/20/14

  • I need to put the ingredients on my shopping list. I would like this with chicken and I am sure it will be delicious. - 9/21/14

  • Presentation looks good & easy to make....will try it. - 8/19/14

  • Yum! This looks good. I'm also not a fan of goat cheese but I would make it without or with feta instead.

    Did anyone catch what she says about soaking the onion in ice water? Contains or retains or something the favor?

    Reniessparkin- maybe radish in place of the onion? - 7/21/14

  • I'm sure this is very delightful. I can't handle raw onions. Any alternative suggestions? - 7/12/14

  • This salad looks very inviting. - 5/14/14

  • This looks so refreshing and delicious, although I'd probably skip the goat cheese myself. - 4/22/14

  • But what are the carbs? - 2/28/14

  • That looks & sounds great! If we added some grilled chicken, it would be the perfect meal - 1/23/14

  • Looks delicious.. - 1/17/14

  • Thank you, Chef Meg, for making the amount of dressing right for the salad. - 12/1/13

  • Looks Yummy :) - 11/23/13

  • I have made this salad and it is delicious!! - 11/16/13

  • Will use feta instead of goat cheese - 11/11/13

  • Would never use goat cheese. Can not stand it. - 11/6/13

  • Like the video - 6/19/13

  • You had me until the goat cheese - 4/30/13

  • looks so easy to prepare - 4/12/13

  • This looks so tasty! - 4/5/13

  • I love all of these ingredients so this should be a wonderful salad. - 4/4/13

  • Great looking and tasting salad! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Please remind me WHY the red onions were put into ice water - to stay fresh or to reduce "bite" in the flavor? - 4/18/12

  • This is simple and nutritious....will definately try....I have a spinach vine! - 4/18/12

  • this is refreshing looking salad I will be sure to try it - 2/10/12

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