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Roasted chicken is a simple and versatile protein. Use it in soups, throw it on pasta or pair it with a simple salad. Tip: Save time and energy by roasting two chickens at once and freezing one (carve it first).
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  • good video - 2/24/18

  • This recipe looks easy and delicious however the sodium is much too high for me to be able to use. - 11/16/17

  • This is a GREAT recipe! Thank you. - 8/14/17

  • very good - 5/25/17

  • Need to add rosemary and lemon to my grocery list this week. - 5/11/17

  • This looks easier than I thought it would be. Great video. I'm going to try it. - 4/8/17

  • I so enjoy seeing the demonstrations and hope there will be new ones. - 1/27/17

  • Recommendation in the UK is that you not wash your chicken before cooking. What I do like for roasting now is that I can buy a bird that is already in a roasting bag. It goes in the oven on a making tray inside the bag. No touching raw chicken at all. - 10/30/16

  • I loved the video. Thank you for all the great ideas. . However, after handing the raw chicken, I would recommend washing the hands far for thoroughly. Food poisoning is a horrible thing.
    - 3/6/16

  • Love roasted chicken. Another recipe to add to the book! - 12/15/15

  • This recipe is exactly what I will be making for two of us for this Thanksgiving. I've made this recipe before and it smells and tastes so-o-o good! :-) - 11/16/15

  • It's been year since I roasted a chicken. I now can't wait to go shopping to but a chicken!!!!!
    I'm hungry now! Thank you.... :-) - 7/20/15

  • this looks so yummy, i am gonna try it this sat and will cook 2 chickens to use the second for sunday as chicken with salad
    i tried the video chicken recipe
    i loved it
    very easy
    plus i used the second chicken the in low calorie cream of chicken soup the next day
    loved it
    - 1/9/15

  • this is one of my favorite recipes - 12/18/14

  • I'm definitely going to try this recipe - I learned a lot from watching this video - wow how many mistakes I have made roasting chicken - can't wait to shop this weekend - 6/19/14

  • I always eat the skin if it's crispy. XD - 5/19/14

  • This is a easy video to understand. I cooked two cornish hens this way yesterday, but instead of using trivets I layered a 9 x 13 pan with chopped carrots, potatoes, and onions (which were lightly coated with olive oil) making about 1" pieces of each and placed the hens on top of the veges. Yummy. - 5/4/14

  • Great video. - 4/22/14

  • our problem is we don't have any more freezer space so we must eat fresh everyday so chicken must be cooked and eaten in a timely fashion.Need to clean the freezer. - 3/12/14

  • Why... Oh, Why am I seeing a political commercial before the video!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the recipe!!!!!!!!!!! - 2/25/14

  • Looks great and delicious, I will try this soon! - 12/12/13

  • great do this all the time - 11/4/13

  • I love to make baked chicken. It tastes so much better than the rotisserie chickens from the store and you get to control the ingredients. I usually put a fresh herb mixture inside the skin and then mix olive oil with dried herbs for the outside. I also tuck in a few slices of onion under the skin. - 10/22/13

  • Hi Chef Meg. I usually use chicken thighs and have a marinade mix of chilli powder+blended onion, garlic and ginger+ half an orange + thick soya sauce and leave the marinade overnight. Then I braise these in the oven at 180 deg C for 45 minutes and then bake open at 220 deg C for 25 minutes. Yum! - 7/10/13

  • I like the freezing idea---less cooking. - 6/14/13

  • Look great. Will try it. - 5/15/13

  • Looks Delicious! I must try this. - 5/9/13

  • very useful video (along with making chicken stock) - 1/18/13

  • Cannot wait to try this. Plan on purchasing 2 whole chickens from the Amish market this week. Thanks! - 1/16/13

  • That looks very delicious, to cut out all that other stuff cutting etc.... chicken breast or turkey breast i might opt for. It looks really healthy and great and simple. - 1/13/13

  • Sounds yummy! - - 11/13/12

  • I'm so easy grossed out that there is NO WAY I could make this chicken. You made it look easy though, and looked very tasty once done! - 9/23/12

  • that looks easy & good... - 11/2/11

  • I think I can probably change the recipe to use boneless chicken. Cooking for one leaves lots of leftovers and the freezer is getting full. Sounds great though. - 10/31/11

  • It really helps to watch your demo. I donīt like dealing with raw meat, but it looks so good when it is done. I will give it a try! - 10/27/11

  • Thank you! Great idea! - 10/22/11

  • YUMMY! I do love roast chicken, and this is an easy way to do it! - 10/20/11

  • What a great idea for a "home sick day". I want chicken soup - but without so much fuss. Definitely headed to defrost a chicken! - 10/18/11

  • that chicken was no way cooked long enough...sorry! - 10/18/11

  • Looks really good and much healthier than alternative preparation methods. Great idea to double up to use for other things and save time! Always can use more of THAT! - 10/17/11

  • WOW! I never thought about cooking 2 chicken at the same time and freezing one. That's such a good idea.
    - 10/16/11

  • Can't wait to try this and basting my turkey this way too! - 10/15/11

  • Great tip - 10/15/11

  • MMM! Fantastic. Will do! - 10/15/11

  • I made this chicken and I made a jus (inspired by Master Chef). It needed a little tweaking but the chicken was flavourful and moist. THanks
    - 10/15/11

  • yes - you can use dental floss for the string - I would look for the un-waxed kind - 10/15/11

  • I heard somewhere that you can use dental floss to truss a chicken if you don't have the cotton string. True? - 10/15/11

  • Awesome demo!
    Mmmmmm... - 10/15/11

  • Yummy! I used to make whole birds like this until Sam's began to make Rotisserie and it was so easy to pick up. I will make my own now whenever I can. I will know that it doesn't have any additives, extra sodium, etc. LOVE the idea of making two at once. - 10/15/11

  • Looks really yummy and easy, I'll try it - 10/15/11

  • Great! - 10/14/11

  • I roat 3 pieces of pork tenderloin and 2 chickend and stock my freezer with recorded amounts on the label. That way with my microwave I can get a dinner ready in less than 30 minutes even for a crowd, It is making my life so much easier. - 10/14/11

  • GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/14/11

  • Looks very good. I will definately tried the lemon inside - 10/14/11

  • I say pick it up at the grocery, why go to all this bother? I don't cook, too much mess and wasted time. - 10/14/11

  • oh, yeah,yummy, yummy, great and good for you - 10/14/11

  • Chicken is always so good when prepared well. - 10/14/11

  • I've always roasted my chickens the same way Chef Meg does, with the lemon in the cavity. However, I've always basted mine with melted butter on top of the skin. Never thought about putting it under the skin the way she did. I'll definitely try that this season. - 10/14/11

  • i love this girl! she's so "plain spoken" and easy to understand. truly an effective & engaging instructor :-) THANKS! - 10/14/11

  • chicken dinner - 10/14/11

  • Thanks! Im going to pick up agew chickens next time i see yhem on sale! - 10/14/11

  • Where do you get a three pound chicken???? - 10/14/11

  • Had Roast chicken planned for Sunday..but this made me want it tonight! I rarely bother to truss, but will try it that way, also I usually throw an onion inside...might swap that out for a lemon. Also I baste with white wine, that mixes into drippings,stops drippings from smoking, enriches gravy. - 10/14/11

  • Excellent video, but Meg could've slowed down a bit to show how to fully truss the bird and also she says "whole lemon" but you could barely see she had quartered the lemons before placing them inside...great tips on cross-contamination. Watch for sales on fresh chickens, you get more for less $$. - 10/14/11

  • Thanks Chef Meg for the great ideas and help in improving my cooking skills! - 10/14/11

  • cool beans- i'll have to try this - 10/14/11

  • Sounds yummy! - 10/14/11

  • I have never really understood how to truss the chicken. The tips on this and how to break it up after cooking are extremely helpful. - 10/14/11

  • Sounds great! Dental floss(plain) works great for tying up. - 10/14/11

  • Thanks i shall be roasting 2 tonight !!!!!!! - 10/14/11

  • sound good and easy. i will be trying this. - 10/14/11

  • Yum! - 10/14/11

  • I LOVE rotisserie chicken but has so much sodium. I am going to try this, then make some stock for soups and use the meat on the 2nd chicken to make soup and chicken salad! - 10/14/11

  • Okay....I am going to do this. I am swapping our Tuesday night dinner for this one. I have NEVER done anything like this...wish me luck! =) - 10/14/11

  • Looks great. Will try this weekend. - 10/14/11

  • Okay I will give it a try - 10/14/11

  • GREAT IDEA - 10/14/11

  • sounds great - 10/14/11

  • Looks great - 10/14/11

  • I'm having company this weekend and this would be perfect to try. Thanks Chef Meg :-) - 10/14/11

  • I have even "roasted " chicken in my crockpot. Next time I will add lemon and rosemary. - 10/14/11

  • I roast chickens all the tome. Love it - 10/14/11

  • Can't wait to try this... - 10/14/11

  • Looks yummy - 10/14/11

  • I may have to try this recipe and thought the video was great! I am not a good cook and have never roasted a Chicken before. I don't have a pan like Chef Meg has in the video. I have only been on this website a few days and like that I can view videos to improve my cooking skills. - 6/22/11

  • sounds good! - 6/7/11

  • This receipt sound great to me. - 5/31/11

  • Imma do this with turkey tomorrow - 2/26/11

  • OMG! That looked SO good when she was dun. Wen she broke the wing joints, the chicken moved on its own!!! O well. I'll eat it once it's been cooked like that. NO LEMONS plz. - 2/11/11

  • I quite often cook whole chickens and I usually do about 2 of them at a time..Love the sounds of this recipe, will have to tweak it a bit due to not being able to have lemons or butter/margarine.. - 1/22/11

  • Sounds great! - 1/16/11

  • good viedo - 12/30/10

  • pp - 12/10/10

  • good chicken! - 12/5/10

  • II too long, but chicken sounds delish!! - 12/2/10

  • Sounds great. Even the suggestions to make chicken broth for a soup. - 11/6/10

  • Thanks! Great information! I'm going to price whole chickens. - 10/27/10

  • Great idea! In Canada, one of these ckns is about $13 (uncooked) so when I found 3 of them today for about $3.50 ea, I was all over it! Forgot to buy lemon, so I put onion, celery and tomato inside. Thanks for this great idea. - 10/23/10

  • I roasted my first chicken last night, going by Chef Meg's instructions. It turned out wonderful! The only complaint is that since all of the grease was falling into the pan under the trivet, it was cooking and burning, causing a lot of smoke. Any suggestions to avoid this? - 10/20/10

  • I will not buy the store ones can not trust them on the ingredents, I use the common rotiserie you see on tv absolutely love it, I have used herbs in and on my birds for a very long time...always fresh! - 10/20/10

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