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If there is one protein that people are afraid to cook, it's fish. Fish is lean, quick-cooking, and versatile; there's no need to fear it.
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  • I'm going to make this for dinner tonight it looks so good ☺ - 3/11/17

  • +-
    this recipe looks declivous I'll have to try it. - 8/27/13

  • This looks great! Reminds me of a grilled chicken breast with avocado and strawberry salsa recipe I do. Yummy! Must try this fish version. - 8/27/13

  • Great video, I can't wait to try this recipe. - 8/2/13

  • It looks good! - 7/19/13

  • Maybe without the mangoes - 5/11/13

  • Eeerrthjkl

    ,bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbnnnnmmnmmmmmmmmm. Tttttttttt - 11/12/12

  • It looks really easy. I am going to try it . Thanks for showing how to prepare it. - 10/5/12

  • looks easy enough - 8/27/12

  • Looks Appetizing! Have to try that mango salsa. Thanks for teaching me how to peel the mango properly! - 8/22/12

  • didn't see the video just a blank screen - 8/20/12

  • Watch how she "peels the mango" Cool! - 3/3/12

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