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Fruit is often a back-up ingredient or side dish at dinnertime, but it gets a co-starring role in this meal. Serve this flavorful, lean chicken dish over brown rice or with a baked sweet potato and steamed green beans.
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  • Want to try this soon! - 7/22/18

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  • Why is there an ad for concrete pouring? - 5/15/15

  • love this receipe - 6/13/14

  • It doesn't look like any pineapple was put in the salsa, and when I looked at the recipe it didn't call for pineapple in the salsa, is this an error or is there none? - 6/11/14

  • Fabulous! - 8/31/13

  • this looks like it is really easy
    - 8/24/13

  • looks yummy
    - 8/5/13

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  • I made this and we loved it! I made it exactly the way Chef Meg said to do it and it worked out just right - 7/13/13

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  • That look good. Will try it with the family.
    - 5/3/13

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  • just became a member and this recipe sounds and looks great - 2/5/12

  • this recipe is out of the world my husband says this one is a keeper no more boring chicken for us :) - 10/22/11

  • woo looks delicous,can not wait to try it - 7/18/11

  • I love it, please keep addding these. I am a team leader and shared this video with them to watch on a post. Thank you so much for all that you do! - 6/11/11

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  • looks like summertime on a plate, I am ready for that here in Michigan, will try it tomorrow night for sure!! - 3/17/11

  • Sounds great and pretty easy. Im going to try tomorrow for dinner. - 2/8/11

  • yummy , loved the video - 12/21/10

  • I made this for company, and everyone loved it and raved about it. I had doubled the salsa recipe and had enough to throw over a pork tenderloin on another night for dinner.
    A nice light summery dish! Will definitely be making this again! - 9/10/10

  • Very easy and tasteful!! - 8/26/10

  • This one is a keeper :) Yummy... - 8/11/10

  • All the fruit with the chicken is great. Bet one could use lean pork, also. - 7/23/10

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