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A quiche is not only a quick brunch dish but also an easy dinner any time of year. Learn how to lighten yours up!
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  • The crust is high in carbs. I will make this without the crust. - 3/24/18

  • I am thinking of making this without a crust. - 1/23/18

  • The quiche was very easy to make. I rolled the crust between 2 sheets of syran wrap. I also used 1 cup of mushrooms and 1 frozen box of spinach. Otherwise everything else the same. The quiche turned out great and it had more filling. Everyone enjoyed. - 12/19/17

  • looks good! - 10/11/17

  • No matter what you think, no matter how you feel, the truth is you CAN do this. - 4/30/17

  • Use the "See the Recipe" to learn how many servings are in one quiche, as well as the list of ingredients, WWELLNET. - 10/3/16

  • These videos need controls. I can't run it back...😣
    - 6/3/16

  • It didn't say how much cheese or how much of quiche was a serving. - 12/4/15

  • Looks delicious. Must try this soon. - 5/29/15

  • awesome. I will have to try this. - 5/20/15

  • The "Mystery Skulls" ad is WAY TOO LOUD...otherwise liked the video. - 10/30/14

  • Good Dinner Option!
    - 9/26/14

  • Looks great and yummy. I checked out the associated recipe and it does have information for the pie crust shell. - 7/1/14

  • I found this recipe for the crust here on SparkPeople for all of us wondering why the crust wasn't included in this yummy-looking recipe. This is a whole wheat butter amount provided, probably around 4TBSP. I would guess
    id=81 - 3/30/14

  • Try baking Quiche in muffin tin servings and/or mini muffin pans. A great treat when running errands, etc., or for a snack. Pour whipped eggs in pans, then add diced bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, any veggie on hand. They are delicious. You don't have to whip them, but I like them fluffy........ - 1/16/14

  • Going to try this, thanks. - 12/26/13

  • Motlem - a variation on that is made with instant noodles (fat free?) and vegetables. Fast. Easy. - 9/18/13

  • Looks good. The only thing I would say is to stay away from non-stick pans unless they are ceramic. the Teflon coating used on most non-stick pans breaks down and ends up in the food you have prepared with it. I would stick with a cast iron skillet. It is overall healthier to use and lasts long. - 5/14/13

  • I will try this soon or later. - 5/3/13

  • love it! Yummy! - 5/2/13

  • I made some quiche for Easter, they were mini ones. came out good. I might try this one too.

    if you look at the recipe they talk about the crust. some flour and low cal- butter. I used a puff pastry, but am going to try my own crust next time. - 4/3/13

  • Plan on trying this soon. I'm with everyone else though. What about the crust. - 4/2/13

  • I really wanted to watch this video, but the nose spray ad keep coming on and I couldn't stop it. Sorry, but I won't try to watch any more videos for a while. - 3/21/13

  • My easy is make up a pkt of pasta and sauce with a little less liquid than usual ... add 3 beaten eggs, can even break them up and beat them up in the same saucepan. Pour all into a greased quiche dish and optional grated cheese on top. Bake 180 celcius which is 350 fahrenheit for half hour. Yummo! - 3/21/13

  • I was really interested in this too but then I notice there is no reference made to how the crust was made. I know usually the crust of a pie is not good so I'm curious. What's up with the crust? - 3/20/13

  • looks super delicious - 3/12/13

  • Great tip on adding veggies then the egg mixture! - 3/4/13

  • any suggestions for a low cal, low carb crust? - 5/28/12

  • I have the easiest quiche ever,
    it consists of 3 onions chopped up friend in pot and amy herbs that you like, when sort of browned nicely, renove from stove, add 3 eggs to pan and 3 cups gratee cheese, mix together put in a dish sprayed with spray and cooked put in oven of 180c for about 40 minutes - 5/6/12

  • Click on see the recipe. The recipe for the crust is there. This looks delicious, I have been wanting to do a quiche for forever. I just may make this
    one tomorrow. I love that kitchen. Thank you, Chef Meg!

    - 3/25/12

  • I would like to try it...
    It doesnt say how the quiche shell is made, though.
    Anyone knows?? - 3/16/12

  • I love this recipe. I'm a quiche lover from way back, and I've given up eating it so I can lose weight. With this recipe I can eat one of my favoite foods again. I love having the video to cook with. Thanks! - 3/15/12

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