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This is the only turkey recipe you'll ever need--no basting needed!
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  • Yummy! I know hubby will not let me cook the Thanksgiving turkey like this (he cooks the turkey for Thanksgiving) but I'm definitely trying it in December with a large roaster chicken! - 11/6/19

  • Looking forward to trying this - 10/24/17

  • Great recipe and video. - 6/27/14

  • that video sure looked good makes me want to go buy a turkey now - 2/14/14

  • Looks like a great Thanksgiving Turkey for myself to make in the next few weeks! - 11/6/13

  • Just can taste it now. It looks yummy - 5/27/13

  • This looks soo good. Just what I was looking for with Thanksgiving this week. - 11/18/12

  • This looks delicious. I think I will make it for this Thanksgiving, but I will substitute turkey for chicken because not everyone in my family loves turkey - 11/6/12

  • Great timing! Thanks! - 10/20/12

  • With Thanksgiving on it's way, hopefully my turkey will look as appetizing! - 10/20/12

  • I'm looking forward to using this video. The turkey looks very appealing and flavorful. Thanks for the tips!!! - 12/8/11

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