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Swiss chard and kale are super greens, but what do you do with them? How do you remove the stalk--and can you eat that part? We'll tell you everything you need to know.

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  • Thanks for sharing love my greens - 12/8/18

  • Good need-to-know information. - 8/5/18

  • great! - 4/3/17

  • I love growing my own Swiss chard, I cook up the whole veggie in a stir fry. - 3/25/16

  • Since my computer doesn't work well with videos I wish this was written out in an article also. - 3/20/16

  • Great tipped on removing the leaves from the stalk. Thanks. - 11/11/15

  • I was hoping you had a tip for getting all the dirt and grit off the greens - We love to saute them with onions and garlic. - 6/12/15

  • I use them in Green Smoothies, but I guess I cheat. I just throw them in whole. :-)
    - 4/10/15

  • Kale and chard are two of my favorites! - 11/1/14

  • I've been curious about how to use the chard. Does the stalk actually taste like celery or is it just similar? - 5/1/14

  • I love Swiss Chard! In my area it's a sure sign summer is on the way :)
    - 2/23/14

  • This video was good, but with another link to some recipe videos would be even better! If we don't know how to prep them, we sure don't know some good alternatives to make them tasty when cooking! - 8/21/13

  • This is exactly how I figured out to prep my kale and chard. I've been cooking a lot of greens lately including kale, swiss chard, collard greens, broccoli rabe, spinach, and kolhrabi. All have been an adventure in cooking but I like them all! - 7/24/13

  • Be careful these super foods prevent cancer.... I use for me - 6/28/13

  • I usually use a knife and it goes very slowly--so glad to see this tip. - 6/28/13

  • Great tips! - 3/6/13

  • Be careful if you have kidney stones from oxalate. Swiss chard and kale are high in oxalates - portion control. - 2/27/13

  • Please do a video on kale chips - yum! - 12/31/12

  • something i did not know! thx! - 12/17/12

  • I wish that I would have found this video a few months ago when I first started to eat swiss chard. I see that I did not prep it correctly and it did not taste good to me. Maybe I will try it again the correct way and see how it taste then Thanks for the video! - 12/15/12

  • i had just added ''find out what to do with kale'' to my mental checklist. thanks! - 11/26/12

  • Glad to see this video. Just recently added these greens to my food list. - 11/22/12

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