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Watch how to make light and flaky crusts for quiches and pies.

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  • I am going to try this. Thank you - 4/7/18

  • need recipe - 10/20/17

  • No amounts of ingredients given... Please give the recipe if you really want to share. - 10/19/17

  • This technique will work with any pie-dough recipe. I, too, am anti food processor, but the tip to chill, and chill again is invaluable. - 6/23/17

  • Excellent instructions/tips! I can probably find the amount of butter to use from similar recipes, but I'd like an ingredients list if not the complete written instructions. Who wants to start and stop a video when you're trying to cook or bake? - 6/6/17

  • It would be nice to have the recipe. - 4/7/17

  • Using ground flax seed instead of a bit of the flour adds even more fiber. Since you already have two pieces of plastic wrap, use them on either side of the dough when you roll it out and no additional toughening flour is necessary. Roll crust, then lift and replace the wrap, flip and repeat. - 12/30/16

  • I'm a pretty good cook & baker, with no success making a pie crust. This video gave some good hints & I look forward to giving the process another try.

    Question - how useful have folks found a food processor to be? .. .. .. I don't own one, but have thought about it - 12/15/16

  • Like this, can't find a way of saving the video for later! - 10/22/15

  • nutritional list? - 6/10/14

  • I never made pie dough, but this looks do-able. I like Chef Megs videos, but I wish she would do more. Especially if she did some on how to get kids to eat healthy. - 5/23/14

  • Love how easy you make the dough. Thank you Chef Meg. I was looking for a dough with whole wheat flour. - 3/4/14

  • Can't wait to make this. Just love Chef Megan's recipes. I learn so much from her videos also. - 2/11/14

  • I couldn't agree more URBANAUDREYE! I use pastry cutter also. My grandmother taught me to make pie crust when I was little using a pastry cutter and crisco and my crusts are ALWAYS light and flaky. And how can you get the mix to look like little peas when using a food processor? - 11/20/13

  • First, I'm offended by the use of a food processor. Does no one believe in a good old fashioned pastry cutter anymore? Second, my grandmother made a very similar recipe in a larger quantity, and rather than adding the water right away, use what we needed, and refrigerate the rest for future use. - 11/16/13

  • Chilling is necessary to stop the butter pieces from melting into the flour. When they get hot, the moisture in them expands, creating the flaky layers. Dough that is warmed yields a tough, lifeless crust. - 10/3/13

  • A friend told me about her mother always chilling the dough and using ice water. Must be the best thing to do. - 12/24/12

  • Chilling must be a plus! - 12/12/12

  • The measurement for butter was on the video at 1 stick. If you need the measurement in tablespoons, it is shown on the paper wrapped on the butter. - 12/5/12

  • Could the actual recipe with quantity of ingredients be shown? - 12/5/12

  • Agree - no real indication of butter amount. It looked like maybe a Tbsp or so, but this really needs to be edited to give better information. - 12/4/12

  • The crust looks good, but I'm unsure on how much butter to use??? - 12/3/12

  • it looks good but how much butter? - 12/3/12

  • Yeah,I didn't get the measurements either.Otherwise it looked pretty easy. - 11/22/12

  • No measurement's or ingreadents given. - 11/22/12

  • How much butter???? - 10/22/12

  • Did she even tell us how much butter to use? Not so helpful!
    - 10/22/12

  • Can you use whole wheat pastry flour instead? - 10/5/12

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