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Learn how to chop basil without bruising it, using a chiffonade technique.

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  • I like the smell of Basil - 7/30/18

  • Thanks for showing us how to chop the basil. - 5/24/18

  • THANKS - 12/24/17

  • Thanks for the knife skills Chef Meg! - 4/29/17

  • thanks. - 4/15/17

  • Thank you so much for the information. Especially helpful is the lesson on how to store it. Much appreciated. - 8/19/16

  • Love basil! Thank you! I didn't know how to store it. Great tips! - 3/22/16

  • I can see that by cutting the basil so thin it can be distributed easily in whatever I will be cooking. I also have to tell you that following all your advice on how to cut vegetables etc I feel like a real pro. - 2/12/16

  • Love this! I wish I could do this as thinly. Thank you very much. - 9/24/15

  • Thank you, Meg. I've used dried basil for a very long time; now I'll switch to fresh. - 1/14/15

  • Thank you. I enjoy learning and watching the Chef's tips. - 10/23/14

  • Basil will root this way, in water, and you can plant it again for another plant. - 6/25/14

  • Very interesting. I think I'll plant basil in my garden this year. - 5/18/14

  • Very informative. Thank You! - 1/4/14

  • I do not have sound on my computer, but watching the video: I learned how to chiffonade, to store the basil in a glass of water, and knew to use the base of the knife but seeing it reminded me. I also noticed that the basil was placed pretty glossy side down before rolling. Thank you! :} - 9/23/13

  • Thank you! Now I know what to do with the Basil plant taking over my garden! : ) - 6/21/13

  • Thanks - 6/13/13

  • Thank you. I didn't know about the storing in water on the counter. Great tips. - 6/13/13

  • I learned several new things from this video. Very interesting! Thanks. - 5/20/13

  • why dont we get points any more for looking at the videos.?????? - 4/4/13

  • Good tip on knife usage! - 2/9/13

  • I learned something it on the counter not the fridge. Thank you! - 12/9/12

  • I'm just glad that I now know how to pronounce it. - 9/1/12

  • This was very helpful! Thanks! - 6/3/12

  • Thank you so much - I learn many kitchen skills from your videos.
    - 4/20/12

  • Finally I know how to do it. So simple now that I see it. - 4/20/12

  • thanks - 5/1/11

  • I noticed that when I store basil in water that way, sometimes they will develop roots and I'll plant the sprig in a pot of dirt. Bonus! - 7/27/10

  • Thank you so much for the information. I have been picking my leaves from the bottom, I knew that it wasn't right! - 7/6/10

  • awesome Thank you so much!!!
    - 6/3/10

  • Thank you, we learn something new every day. - 5/13/10

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