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How do you separate an egg without breaking the yolk or making a mess? Learn how--no fancy gadget needed!

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  • Thanks for the information. - 1/3/18

  • Works for me. - 1/3/18

  • Now why would I want to separate eggs? - 11/9/17

  • shell to shell dance is still easier. - 4/24/17

  • I don't like this method at all. I will continue to use the shell to shell dance. - 4/2/17

  • The incredible egg website says to use an egg separator or a funnel, not your hands.
    - 2/3/17

  • I think it is a contaminated area when you are using your hands. I crack my egg and with one hand I can pull it apart through the gap made in the shell. The egg just drops through.
    I do not think there is a better way. - 1/24/17

  • Long ago I got a Tupperware egg separator. I usually just use the shells and go back and forth. Tip: if a tiny piece of shell falls in your bowl with your egg use the bigger piece of she'll to get it out. It will come out easier. - 11/29/16

  • I know the method but don't use it. I find I can go shell to shell without any trouble. I also have an egg separator and like that too but not the hands. It's my personal preference. - 2/5/16

  • I wouldn't like the feel of the eggs in my hands - cold and sticky - 1/21/16

  • TO ILOVEJIM85199: *Use egg yolks by "whipping", cooking in fry pan, and make an egg sandwich.*OR beat an unseparated/whole egg with the yolks and make a omelet.*OR-whip egg yolks until "frothy", add milk, sugar, vanilla and make an egg nog. - 9/27/15

  • I always separated eggs using the two egg shell halves. That seems preferable to me. - 9/24/15

  • I don't get how this is safer, the outside of the egg is in your hands then you slime the egg through you hands taking up all the bacteria, looks much worse then going back and forth which has a minimum contact with the outside of the shell, plus makes much less mess. - 7/12/15

  • my question is what to do with all those egg yokes. I hate waste. Generally I just use the entire egg anyway. - 5/30/15

  • This method presupposes that your carefully wash your hands both before and after breaking an egg into your hand. I tried it and it does work but no better for me than back and forth method I learned. If the shell doesn't crack right, the method would be my choice. - 5/10/15

  • big deal to crack an egg
    - 1/7/15

  • You can also suck up the egg yolk with a water bottle (washed or not drank from directly). I personally just wash my hands and take the yolks out, then wash them after LOL - 11/3/14

  • Gross! I'll stick to my old tried-and-true shell method. - 10/28/14

  • I've always just used the 2 pieces of shell method (like my mom did-- way back in the day before water bottles and egg separators. I reckon I've done it that way for so long that I'll stick with that method. But-- separating an egg can be tricky, so it's good that there are other options. - 10/13/14

  • Note - the video starts with Meg saying "You don't have an egg separator?" That's when you can use your hands. - 8/2/14

  • Just use a water bottle. No mess no fuss - 5/16/14

  • Sorry, can't agree on this one! - 5/6/14

  • My egg shells are cleaner than my hands, even if just washed. - 5/2/14

  • My Tupperware egg separator has worked fine for me for years and years. - 2/7/14

  • YUCK!!! I'm not touching that slimy egg...easier to use an empty small waterbottle and suck the yolk back out. crack your egg in a bowl, take the waterbottle and squeeze it, put it next to yolk, release squeeze on bottle, and the yolk sucks right into the bottle,,,nice, clean and easy!!!! - 2/7/14

  • Like many here. I say wash the egg in the shell, and your hands of course, then do it like mom. If the shell is dirty, and you crack it open, your hands are now dirty too. :( - 12/17/13

  • If it's a sanitary issue that the egg is not supposed to touch the outside of the shell, then doesn't handling the outside of the shell with your hands and then handling the egg just transfer the bacteria/germs to the egg anyway? - 10/11/13

  • Thx I learned this before, but forgot! - 10/10/13

  • I luv this video, it has helped me loads. - 9/11/13

  • What a great tip! I have tried all kinds of purchased products to handle separating eggs. Just wash hands thoroughly and its done! Thanks - 7/23/13

  • I'm not wild about the possible sanitary issue, when using your fingers/hand to separate the egg - 6/20/13

  • Good tip - 6/9/13

  • Good tip, but using the two pieces of the eggshell should be safe it you wash the egg before cracking. - 4/4/13

  • Excellent tip but I'll use my egg separator anytime. - 3/26/13

  • I am so glad some of you remembered the video using a plastic bottle. That was the best I had seen. - 3/12/13

  • I watch cooks/chefs do this on Food Network all the time....not going to happen with me! I have an egg separator that works just fine. - 3/12/13

  • I am sorry but that is just not anything I am going to do. - 2/18/13

  • Appreciate the explanation of why as much as the technique. - 2/7/13

  • Looks simple....and I have the 2 utensils on hand...hehehe - 2/7/13

  • Great idea!
    - 2/7/13

  • I had an egg separator from Tupperware, I rarely use it as I was taught the back-n-forth method from my mother, it was easy & I didn`t have extra to wash.I could never do this way, the thought of the egg yolk in my hand grosses me out! And Egg shells are as clean as the hand that is holding it. - 2/7/13

  • Mom taught me the hand method, which I prefer. Cleanliness aside, with the shell method, I usually mange to break every third yolk, messing everything up, :( - 1/12/13

  • Like Kumaro, I wondered about how the hands that held the egg would be any cleaner than the egg shell. Think I'll stick with the egg shells. - 12/29/12

  • good tip - 12/22/12

  • Wow that was so simple. I'll give this a try. - 12/20/12

  • i tried this, and it works better than any other way i've broken yolk, not a bunch of white in with the yolk. i don't like the feel of it in my hands, but it works so well, it's worth it! =D - 12/5/12

  • Great idea! - 10/30/12

  • ewewww.... that just seems gross...... (a texture thing) . . . . but I will TRY it next time I need to separate an egg, for lack of another option.

    Love the tips! - 10/30/12

  • I agree with the concerns about the cleanliness of hands, eggshells and even tools that have been in the drawer for some time. - 10/23/12

  • I wish I could find the video that shows you to crack the eggs and then take a plastic soda pop bottle, squeeze it, gently put bottle opening on yolk and then let go of bottle. Voile! the yolk is now in the bottle! I tried it and it really works. Amazing, cleaner, less messy, and actually fun! - 10/5/12

  • Good info, I was taught like your mother taught you.:) - 10/4/12

  • good info - 9/23/12

  • Your hands are touching the outside of the egg. Then you crack the egg and pour it through your fingers. I don't think I will try it.
    LTMD55 - 9/21/12

  • I found a better way on the internet.....Break an egg into a bowl. Using an empty water bottle that is squeezed in the middle, suck the egg yolk into the bottle. The suction separtes the egg. Squeeze the bottle with the egg yolk into another bowl to release. - 9/16/12

  • good tip - 9/15/12

  • I will try this - 9/5/12

  • We're assuming the hands are cleaner than the outside of the egg. Hard to break old habits, but definitely somehting to give serious thought to. - 9/1/12

  • If the shell is contaminated - then it is too late for the egg. Hopefully, you are cooking it and don't need to worry about it? - 7/21/12

  • Thanks for the information on how to separate an egg. This was a new method for me. - 6/2/12

  • Thanks, I do not separate eggs because I thought I had to have a special tool. I know that the special tool is my hands and will use them from now on. - 4/9/12

  • Good to know. I separate eggs almost daily as I use few yolk. I never thought about the germ chance with going back and forth with the shells. Thanks. From now on I will use my hands. They get messy anyway doing it the other way. - 3/28/12

  • If you shouldn't use the shell to separate the egg because the shell is contaminated, would your hands not also be contaminated after you hold the contaminated shell in them. Not sure if I would want to then swish the egg around in the hands that just held the contaminated shell. - 3/28/12

  • Excellent tip - 3/5/12

  • if you wash your hand before separate the egg that is ok:-) And after that you make a mess if you don't wash hands - 11/28/11

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