Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 serving
Amount Per Serving
Calories 254.2
Total Fat 9.5 g
Saturated Fat 1.5 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 4.3 g
Monounsaturated Fat 2.8 g
Cholesterol 2.0 mg
Sodium 220.2 mg
Potassium 310.7 mg
Total Carbohydrate 32.7 g
Dietary Fiber 6.1 g
Sugars 4.3 g
Protein 10.9 g
Vitamin A 3.6 %
Vitamin B-12 9.5 %
Vitamin B-6 8.8 %
Vitamin C 0.3 %
Vitamin D 5.2 %
Vitamin E 11.2 %
Calcium 10.9 %
Copper 13.2 %
Folate 14.5 %
Iron 16.0 %
Magnesium 21.0 %
Manganese 70.7 %
Niacin 9.8 %
Pantothenic Acid 8.4 %
Phosphorus 17.5 %
Riboflavin 17.0 %
Selenium 33.7 %
Thiamin 10.6 %
Zinc 11.5 %
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Calories in

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Calories per Ingredient

Here are the foods from our food nutrition database that were used for the nutrition calculations of this recipe.

Calories per serving of

117 calories of Bread, whole wheat (including toast) prepared from recipe, (1 slice)

46 calories of Flaxseed, (0.06 cup)

22 calories of Almonds, (0.04 cup, sliced)

17 calories of Silk, Vanilla Soymilk, 1 cup, (0.17 serving)

11 calories of Egg substitute, liquid (Egg Beaters), (0.08 cup)

9 calories of Maple Syrup, (0.17 tbsp)

6 calories of Butter, salted, (0.06 tbsp)

6 calories of Egg white, large, (0.33 serving)

2 calories of Powdered Sugar, (0.25 tsp)

1 calories of Vanilla Extract, (0.08 tsp)

0 calories of Cinnamon, ground, (0.08 tsp)

Nutrition & Calorie Comments  

Substituted chickpea flour and water for the egg whites (egg allergy). It gave it a nice flavor. My father said it was the best french toast he has ever had.
Personally i won't make it "only" because i'm on Low Carbs But that's not what "everyone else is on" so WHY be so neg. some people on SP aren't even dieting! I make a Muffin in a Mug, Atkins, that has 400 calories and i feel everything in it is healthy. You may not, that's ok. SO WHY BE NEGATIVE?
Sounds like alot of calories for one slice. But also sounds good.
as usual sparks recipe full of carbs and calories. They always are. They are not low cal at all. does anyone else agree with me?
You can make other French toast reciepes that has a lot less calories and very good. this one is to high in calories.So look around there's is many out there.
This sounds very good. I plan to try it, perhaps this weekend. I did recalculate the nutrition info though-your ingredient details list does not include the amounts you used. I came up with 148.3 calories, 7.5g total fat, 82.9mg sodium, 14g carbs, 3.4g fiber, 5.4g sugar and 7.7g protein.
I'm vegan, and I think using soy milk, egg substitute and flax doesn't make up for the extra calories from everything else. I'd use egg replacer for the whole thing and no sugar, plus I'd maybe use agave nectar instead of syrup. Low glycemic index.
Sounds like a nice twist to make a healthier treat!
Thanks! I'll try it soon!
Yogurt (fat free?) would be a lovely topping... like sour cream...YUM!
Of course it is good. It is full of fat and carbs! What French toast isn't good with butter and maple syrup and powdered sugar! I am surprised that this is listed as healthy. Besides cooking flax seeds negates all of the good stuff in them. Sorry to be negative but I was shocked by this recipe!
Sounds good, but calories-to-serving size is hard to take.

And adding syrup or bananas sauteed in cinnamon and butter really kicks this breakfast into the dessert category. (SP's link to this recipe suggested the toppings, I'm not making that up!)

Still sounds delish!