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Learn how to chop and skin a mango easily and efficiently. Maneuvering around that giant pit can be tricky!

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  • Thanks, you made this look so easy! - 6/3/18

  • Great information - reduces waste - 3/26/18

  • Thanks for the video...very helful - 1/26/18

  • Love Mango!!!! Thanks! - 11/3/17

  • I love mangos but lately they aren't as good. - 10/30/17

  • I enjoy a nice juicy mango at breakfast on Sundays. It's a treat for me. - 8/13/17

  • I love these videos! Thanks! - 8/13/17

  • Love mangoes, but find it difficult to buy good ones anymore. - 4/28/17

  • Interesting tutorial but my least favorite fruit. - 4/28/17

  • great! - 4/1/17

  • She wastes a LOT of the fruit this way. The seed of a mango is flat & wide. Run your knife carefully along both of the flat sides of the seed. Then pre-cut into cubes & remove the flesh from the skin with a large spoon. Trim off the little bit of flesh still attached to the narrow sides of the seed. - 10/28/15

  • Great information! Thank you! - 10/21/15

  • Loved it !!! - 9/12/15

  • wish I had seen this a few days ago - it would not have said, "that's it no more mangos" now that I know how to cut it I will be buying more.. Thanks... - 5/12/15

  • Thanks! I'm glad also to find out I should probably wear gloves when doing it. It always amuses me that one rarely sees cooks and chefs wearing latex or nitrile gloves. Anyway, I bought a mango to do salsa for chicken I purchased on sale.

    Happy Eating!
    May the forks be with you
    _ga- - 5/4/15

  • Much better than the way I've been doing it. (Which was messy and wasteful.) - 4/5/15

  • One the most helpful tips I've come across! - 2/17/15

  • Great tip. I plan on trying this. - 8/29/14

  • Great tip! Much easier than what I was doing......thanks Sparkpeople for these helpful videos!!! - 8/20/14

  • This looks much easier than the way I do it. Thanks for the tip. - 6/24/14

  • I couldn't get any sound on this video turning up the sound on my computer and the video to full volume. I've had nothing but problem since the new start page was implemented and my computer has slowed down to a turtle's pace since that day. Good technique, though, Chef Meg. - 10/24/13

  • Mango slicer sold at supermarket makes it ready. - 7/11/13

  • I got mang0 rash like poison ivy.... thought I was allergic Now no more mangos - 6/26/13

  • I love mango. I put them in my juicer with other fruits. - 6/10/13

  • I was surprised she didn't mention "mango rash". You don't want to get the oils near the pit and the skin on your face. Wash your hands after you've handled a mango like she does. The meat of the mango isn't problematic. - 5/11/13

  • I love mangos but rarely by them fresh because there seems to be so much waste. I buy frozen for my smoothies. - 4/1/13

  • I Love me some MANGO! :D - 2/11/13

  • I scoop the mango off with a big soup spoon rather than a knife, less risk, but I do dice it first just like you showed - 2/4/13

  • Meg makes it look so easy. i don't think In can do this as well. - 1/30/13

  • How I cut my mango depends on what I am going to do with it and how ripe it is. Living in Hawaii, Summer is Mango season, and green mangoes are used in different ways. If the mango is green, It is better to peel and then slice, julienne, or dice. - 1/30/13

  • Great knife dexterity :-) somehow I always cut myself and make a mess. - 1/30/13

  • Wow, I wish I had found this video yesterday. I made the mistake of peeling before cutting. What a mess that was. - 1/10/13

  • What about the pit portion? - 12/24/12

  • Good tips -- as always! - 12/8/12

  • terrific tip - 9/28/12

  • Cool - 9/23/12

  • You can do the same with melons! - 9/22/12

  • thanks! going to try this with the grilled fish taco! - 9/10/12

  • Great! - 9/9/12

  • That's a lot easier that what I've been doing all of these years! - 9/7/12

  • Great! It looks so easy! - 9/3/12

  • good tip. - 9/3/12

  • I love mangos!! Showed this to a friend at work- it turned out she had just bought 2 on sale and had no idea how to cut them. I always buy mine prepared :-) - 9/2/12

  • Enjoyed the video, can you give any tips as to choosing a ripe one? - 9/2/12

  • was I doing it wrong! - 9/1/12

  • I gotta get me a mango to try it on now!!!!
    Thanks!! - 8/29/12

  • Very Helpful... I will try it right now.... Thank you - 8/29/12

  • I think I got this down now. Makes a wonderful salsa! - 8/27/12

  • Great video! I like using a mango slicer and then removing the peel the way you do. Works much better than using a peeler! Thanks! - 8/3/12

  • I find this video is rather useless. I use this method to cut up the mango that is not close to the pit but what about the flesh that remains? That's the part I want to know. Otherwise, you are wasting a good portion of the mango. - 7/5/12

  • Gee its almost like filleting a fish- mankind will be grateful to whoever develops a seedless mango!! - 7/4/12

  • Don't cut a mango into tiny pieces. The more you cut it, the more juice it loses. The juice is what gives a mango its delightful taste. The best way to eat a mango is to make a small hole at the head of the fruit and suck up all the fruit by squeezing the body or you cut it into 4 large pieces. - 6/6/12

  • When I cut up a mango, I slice the skin into quarters, then peel each side like banana. Then I start cutting the mango. Or sometimes after I peel it, I just eat it as is. YUM. love mango! - 4/30/12

  • Thanks. I love mango and often have issues with cutting it. - 3/21/12

  • Good to know how to cut mango - 3/21/12

  • Ironically I have a mango in my lunch today that I was wondering how to cut properly. No lie. - 3/20/12

  • Thanks for showing another way of fixing mangos. - 2/29/12

  • thanks!!
    - 2/28/12

  • Thanks I needed that--I too would dice around nut to save as much as possible. - 2/28/12

  • Thanks for the video Just mangled a mango this past week it was good but mushed up
    Will try the peel method too as we do like mangoes
    One day at a time - 2/28/12

  • I will purchase more mangoes now that I know how to slice them. I like them but have only purchhased it once. - 2/28/12

  • Thanks! - 2/28/12

  • We have mangoes all the time, but never knew how to cut them. Thanks so much. - 2/28/12

  • Thank you for the demonstration. - 10/4/11


  • like this video - 8/11/10

  • Good to know.
    - 8/8/10

  • thanks! - 8/3/10

  • Thanks!! - 7/29/10

  • GOOD TIP - 7/28/10

  • don't forget to such the flesh off the pit!
    That's my fav part!
    : ) - 7/26/10

  • Great tip! - 7/25/10

  • thank you . informative video - 7/25/10

  • I prefer to cut it like an avacado - 7/25/10

  • Fun, easy snack, after slicing each half and cutting into cubes, just turn the skin 'inside out' and munch off the cubes instead of slicing them off. - 7/25/10

  • Perfect! Now I have something to do. Great Video - 7/25/10

  • Thank you! Great tip! - 7/25/10

  • Thanks. I have the hardest time cutting them when I make mango salsa - 7/25/10

  • Yeah that is not my favorite way. I like to use a peeler and peel it like a potato. then cut off each side as close to the pit as possibe. Then cut whats left on the sides and dice everything. you use much more this way, but it is a little slippery. : ) - 7/25/10

  • wow!!! - 7/25/10

  • wow that was cool - 7/25/10

  • that's great! - 7/25/10

  • great! that is already how I diced mine .. also do it with onions like that too!

    show ushow to cut a pineapple. those are hard!!! - 7/25/10

  • Excellent! I never cut them up like that, but I can't wait to get back to Thailand, where we get 'em fresh. In my experience, the seed is wide and thin, always easy to cut two large (almost) halves, and then shave the two other parts off. But that would give a lot thicker cubes if you're dicing... - 7/25/10

  • gee and i never even really knew what a mango was...golleee - 7/25/10

  • great thank you - 7/25/10

  • I will be trying that, saw it on a cooking show once, but had forgotten! - 7/25/10

  • I like NEFERTARI007's method better. Less waste. And I am with PWARCOLA. My bigger problem is knowing when it is ripe! - 7/25/10

  • great information.
    - 7/25/10

  • In Hawaii we hold the mango and use a sharp knife to peel
    it like an apple, then slice close to the pit and cut in strips...very easy to do
    - 7/25/10

  • Great!
    This really helps. I also learned to cut avocado from a chef:) - 7/25/10

  • Nice not to have to peel the mango! - 7/25/10

  • Great - 7/25/10

  • That old sane is true, you can teach an old dog new tricks! Thanks for the tip - 7/25/10

  • Very good info. - 7/25/10

  • I love mangos! - 7/25/10

  • Nicely done. Thank you!! - 7/25/10

  • Lucky me - my grandma taught me how to cut a mango about 30 years ago! I can't get enough of these things in the summer months. Cutting around the pit just takes a little time - use a small paring knife to cut off slivers till you hit the pit. - 7/25/10

  • I have two ripe mangos in my fruit basket. I'll give this a try. - 7/25/10

  • Oh I have seen this done on the food network channel. I had just forgotten how to do it. Thanks for the refresher - 7/25/10

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