See all videosHow to Prep Broccoli and Cauliflower (1:26)

There's no need to spend more on pre-chopped veggies. Learn how to break down broccoli and cauliflower, and get a tip for using up the parts you might otherwise throw away.

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  • Could do with a better title - maybe ‘how to cut a cauliflower’? Didn’t expect it to be as basic as this is! - 2/26/21

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    - 8/18/19

  • Thanks for the great tips! - 5/31/18

  • This video has some of the best camera angles, specifically the overheads, so you can see the actions she makes. - 1/23/16

  • My grandkids love to help with this in the kitchen - 1/12/16

  • I found a great 2 ingredient pizza crust recipe using eggs and cauliflower. It's easy and delicious too.
    I bake the "crust" and then I add my pizza toppings and cook until they are done. So much better for me (as I am diabetic) and so guilt free. :) - 11/16/15

  • I like the stems - 10/23/15

  • I cut the stems from either vegetable into smaller pieces and use them in stir fry or hide them in the soup or under the cheese sauce. Husband doesn't have a clue, otherwise he would never eat those parts! - 5/8/15

  • Just wish the volume on the video was equal to that of the ads. I don't have external speakers so have difficulty hearing her. - 4/26/15

  • Wow this would be super easy and sounds yummy! - 2/18/15

  • Ca't see the video - 10/13/14

  • Where's the video? - 10/13/14

  • There was no video on this. - 9/6/14

  • Glad to learn how to do this. I had never tried cauliflower until I was 52. Only tried it then because it was raw at a salad bar. Been buying it frozen since then. I'm sure it will be less expensive to buy it fresh, then freeze leftovers. - 7/9/14

  • Audio was hard to hear.
    Good video - 5/4/14

  • Keeping fresh veggies on hand is a wonderful help to weight loss. - 5/3/14

  • I cook the stalk with the broccoli heads by peeling just as Meg does, then slice to about the diameter of a straw and cook. It's good! I place in the bottom of the pot/pan because they do take a little longer to cook. Add some Mrs. Dash seasoning and you are good to go! - 9/7/13

  • Never thought to purée the stock. Ty - 4/24/13

  • I had trouble hearing the audio on this video - 3/6/13

  • We already do this at home but it's wonderful you are showing others that might be new to these wonderful veggies. Thanks for sharing your secrets. - 1/16/13

  • Easier to make sure things are really clean too! - 1/3/13

  • This was very helpful and will me save some money by cutting it up myself. - 12/11/12

  • You make it look easy. I like the idea of involving the kids. I know what my son will be doing tonight. - 10/26/12

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