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A serving of protein is 2-4 ounces, but a chicken breast is much larger than that. Learn how to trim and prep this versatile lean protein, in this short video.

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  • thanks - 12/13/20

  • Thank you this is great! I'd like to know what type of knives you prefer? - 5/31/18

  • can not hear this video - 7/29/17

  • The audio of this video is very low - 11/23/14

  • Weird -- one camera is up over her head, the other one is about 6 feet away. ? Why not just shoot her hands working on the chicken breast? - 4/17/14

  • This is a very useful video. appreciate it much.

    - 10/8/13

  • Most wood cutting boards have natural oils that safeguard against contamination, but I also clean mine with vinegar to be safe. - 7/27/13

  • Looks easy enough. I was probably over-cutting these. now I know from da' chef. Thanks for that. - 3/2/13

  • Nice tip...wonder if Chef Meg will also pound the thickness more evenly? - 2/25/13

  • looks easy! only question is i never use wood for chicken prep - isn't it better to use a cutting board that can be put through the dish washer to safe guard against salmonella? - 1/8/13

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