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Learn how to segment or "supreme" citrus fruit for salads and desserts.

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  • This video makes it look so clean & neat. Seems mine is always juicy, making a mess. - 5/14/17

  • Since we live in FL most of the time and get grapefruits and oranges from our friend's grove, I segment large quantities of both, just the was Meg shows how to do it. I save all juice from cutting and freeze the combined fruits. Just great for future meals!!! - 6/15/16

  • Thanks, I'll give it a try! - 5/4/15

  • Excellent. Now if you want a healthy and elegant dessert, peal and segment a ruby red. Arrange the segments on a pretty plate in a spoke fashion. Drizzle a tiny bit of vanilla simple syrup over it. Torch it for a few minutes to slightly char the fruit. OMG!!! - 7/17/14

  • You make it look so easy. - 5/29/14

  • Way to much work. - 5/14/14

  • I learned something new! Thx - 4/19/14

  • Duh, Bob. I've always believed you should be able to peel grapefruit and oranges to put in salads, but cutting out one segment at a time was too much of a pain. This makes great sense. I often eat Ruby Red grapefruit like an orange, just pulling the segments apart. - 4/2/14

  • What a great way to eat grapefruit - 1/17/14

  • I totally learned something new today - 12/18/13

  • Good to know. And I like the ideas from the comments of other viewers. - 11/15/13

  • So easy! Thanks! - 8/15/13

  • Thank you! I do this with assorted oranges and grapefruits, then toss with pomegranate seeds-YUM! I plan to juice when I make this refreshing salad, so the leftover (minus the peel) just go straight into the juicer for a delicious citrus drink- so you don't have to waste it if you get creative :) - 7/31/13

  • I'll have to give his a try! I usually just half a grapefruit and then use a serrated-tipped spoon.... - 5/8/13

  • Thank you. Love peeling my mines. - 5/8/13

  • thanks for the tips, I will give it a try. - 5/1/13

  • Love this video. - 3/24/13

  • Excellent video. I'll give this a try! - 3/17/13

  • Cool idea. I eat my grapefruit like an orange, but I peel every segment. It takes me a while, but by the time I am done I am satisfied. These European women I used to work with taught me that method. The only way s I ever saw it prepared before that was my mother used to cut it in half add sugar. - 3/17/13

  • If you notice she uses a small paring knife for the detail cuts. She uses a cooks knife for the larger cuts. Anyhow, you should not cut yourself unless you are half awake or somehow impaired. It looks kind of cool. - 12/22/12

  • I don't know, that look awfully wasteful. Think I'll stick to peeling apart the nature-made segments by hand. - 12/2/12

    MY NEXT SALAD WILL BE SUPREME!!!! - 11/25/12

  • Great idea for salads & deserts. For individual eating of the grapefruit, we cut it in half and use slim, serrated grapefruit/orange spoons purchased over 20 years ago at a kitchen gadget store. Easy to remove just the fruit and not create a drippy mess. - 11/15/12

  • I've actually taught myself to eat grapefruit the way one eats an orange--sectioned. I think the fiber is a healthy thing! - 10/13/12

  • Very helpful! - 9/7/12

  • Looks great! I don't know if I can do that good a job or not but I'll try. - 5/29/12

  • WELL I LOVE GRAPEFRUIT and hated trying to eat it from the skin
    so I THINK THIS IS THE WAY TO GO ............ and i see no waste this way....... THANK YOU - 5/17/12

  • Thank you for the how to on supreme a grapefruit! Wonderfully simple. Disturbed by comments from those wanting to cut in hand... recipe for disaster. When slicing a bagel, set down on plate with one hand flat on top and the knife hand cutting horizontally. No chance for injury this way. - 5/17/12

  • How funny... I always do it by hand without the knife. I thought it was a little messy, but after watching this, I'm thinking my was is not only less messy but less wasteful too - and I'm not even sure it takes me any longer!
    - 5/17/12

  • I cut through the skin and pith, encircling it twice all the way around. Then I take my forefinger and peel the whole quarter of skin and pith away, and continue removing the other three. You don't lose grapefruit this way. None left on the skin. (I agree very dangerous to do in Hand! - 3/30/12

  • Interesting technique - although, knowing what I do about the health qualities of the pith and membranes left behind - I'd save and eat those myself!! great sources of fiber, quercetin, vitamin C, etc. - 2/27/12

  • Cutting into your hand - actually TEACHING people to do this? Recipe for injury!

    The knife, if not totally sharp can slip. If totally sharp, can slice right thru the palm. By all means, cut over something to catch the juice, but DO NOT cut grapefruit, avocado or bagels in your HAND. - 2/27/12

  • Thanks! - 2/27/12

  • I just discovered this wonderful site...SparkPeople. Really enjoying all the helpful hints, videos...super. Thank you :) - 1/31/12

  • Thanks for the enlightening ideas. - 12/13/11

  • I love grapefruit!! Thanks! - 12/13/11

  • Great tip. Looks like a good sharp knife would help. Thanks.
    - 12/11/11

  • I generally peel mine (I can do that quicker) but to each their own (not meant as a criticism),this might be an OK technique if I ever need to . - 12/11/11

  • Looks so simple! - 12/11/11

  • I love grapefruit and this looks so easy. Thank you Chef Meg. - 12/11/11

  • I like the membrane as it has good nutritional value and gives a little more "chew" to the fruit. I have a cup of grapefruit every day as the fruit is now in season. - 12/11/11

  • I happen to like the membranes and getting the extra nutritional goodies in them. But for a salad for company, this was really helpful! - 11/26/11

  • Thank you so much for breaking it down and making it so simple! I tried it tonight with the SP cookbook's orange chicken, made my life a ton easier! :) - 10/16/11

  • Interesting. Most days I go through McDs for a side salad. Then at lunch I top the salad with oranges pieces and slivered almonds. My favorite is Hardee's FF Italian to which I've poured the juice left over from when I cut up the orange, and a Splenda. - 2/4/11

  • I can't wait to try this! - 12/19/10

  • Make my kitchen life simple - 12/14/10

  • That's a great idea! I've always disliked the tough stuff in the citrus fruit.
    - 12/13/10

  • I love grapefruit. i usually cut it in sections and eat the meat and throw away the peal. It's a delicious mess. maybe I can try this and not gross out my office mate. - 12/11/10

  • Thank you so much, I have been wanting to learn how to segment grapefruit and oranges. Woo hoo look out grapefruit! - 12/11/10

  • My mouth was watering at all that juicy grapefruit! - 12/11/10

  • I'm going to try that today with an orange. I want to get in some more knife experience. - 12/11/10

  • Thanks, Meg! When my husband went on a mission trip to Africa a couple years ago he raved about all the nicely sectioned fruit he was served at one of the places he stayed. Now that you've shown me how I'll surprise him with my new skill. - 12/11/10

  • Great video, very helpful instructions! - 6/20/10

  • I always wondered how they did that with the oranges, thanks next time I do sweet potatoes in the crockpot I won't add the mandarin oranges, I'll add my own!! - 4/12/10

  • Love this. I always tried and I think I was trying to hard to not leave any grapefruit behind.
    Thanks - 2/28/10

  • That was so helpful to know how to get fruit without the skin as well - 12/12/09

  • That's very kewl. I always wondered how they did that when you get the fruit salad and stuff. Luckily, I like the tough membrane. Gives it a little more tang. I'm gonna do this with my cantelopes though. Thanks. ~Sallye~ - 12/11/09

  • I always cut the grapefruit in half and then use my cool serrated edge spoon to scoop out the fruit easily. I can see how this method could improve the method when cooking with grapefruit. - 12/11/09

  • Thanks, very helpful. - 12/11/09

  • very helpful - 12/11/09

  • Just in time for winter's bumper citrus crop! Thanks, Meg! No need to have the juice from a grapefruit half squirt into my eye this year :) - 12/11/09

  • Thoroughly enjoy all your ideas. Thanks! - 12/11/09

  • I could never figure this out. How easy. I would eat the remaining fruit on the covering after segmenting. - 12/11/09

  • How easy - thanks! - 10/27/09

  • I love all the how to videos!!! - 10/22/09

  • How about some links to recipes that use the citrus? - 10/22/09

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