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Learn how to chop parsley the way the pros do.

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  • Great tips! Great storing tips too. - 5/1/18

  • I will definitely try the storage technique for next time! - 2/19/18

  • Thanks for the tips. - 2/19/18

  • Thank you! I need practice. - 10/23/17

  • Thanks - 10/23/17

  • Helpful. - 8/4/17

  • Small changes lead to big changes and big changes lead to results. - 5/29/17

  • Thank you. - 4/18/17

  • Loved the tip about keeping your parsley fresh. - 5/7/16

  • love her tip on how to store the washed parsley - I'll see if this helps it last longer - 4/10/16

  • This is a great way to get the flavor into a dish. thanks! I really learned a lot since watching your videos. - 2/11/16

  • Nice video
    - 11/25/15

  • I love curly parsley and grow it in my herb garden, also I prefer the parsley in larger pieces to add add texture to soups and pasta. - 5/17/15

  • Loved watching the chopping ..........good to know how to dry the herbs! - 4/29/15

  • Great video. I watched this video to see how Chef Meg was holding her knife; I knew she would be holding it correctly. I clicked on a picture in one of my Sparkmails to get to this video. That picture showed the wrong way to hold a knife- with an index finger running along the spine of the knife. - 9/14/14

  • I am learning so much from Chef Meg! Her tips are AWESOME! - 8/29/14

  • So glad to know that the problem isn't with my equipment. When this happened before with the Chef, I assumed I was doing something wrong. Thanks. - 8/6/13

  • It kept stopping and playing. - 5/7/13

  • Was a little disappointed because it would stop and play, stop and play - 5/7/13

  • Great info! - 4/8/13

  • I cant watch the video on my ipad. When it is running it frequently stops do that I get frustrated and give up watching it. The same applies to other videos from chief Meg. - 2/15/13

  • Nice technique. I like my parsley in bigger pieces though - I treat it more like a green than an herb. - 1/29/13

  • When you measure fresh spices for a recipe, do you measure them before or after you chop them? - 12/31/12

  • Great information!
    - 12/16/12

  • Love this. Didn't think about this technique. Will have to try it. - 10/24/12

  • Great informative video! - 10/14/12

  • Wow something new - 9/14/12

  • Very good information. Thanks! - 9/2/12

  • I use parsley a lot but never knew it was the "blessing" - cool - 8/31/12

  • Very informative. - 8/30/12

  • love wathcing you chop - 8/27/12

  • I use two 10 inch chef knives at the same time. If the handles are flat on the sides, you can easily hold the two knives together side by side in one hand and have double the chopping power which saves time. the blades will be parallel with each other. Rounded handles do not work so well with this. - 7/9/12

  • What is the difference between the knife used in this video and a standard chef knife? - 6/20/12

  • Parsley is My Favorite!!! - 5/2/12


  • Enjoyed and learned from the video, and then the comments were also illuminating.
    I appreciate the storage technique, was trying to store them upright in water and found it suboptimal. - 4/9/12

  • This is a good video. Also agree with the fineness of the cut comments - depends on your tastes, and what you're using it for. I also like to bunch up the parsley for the first chop - makes it easier. See my technique here: - 6/15/11

  • Thanks for the tip! I may not chop the parsely that fine, but I realize I wasn't chopping it quite enough. - 12/11/10

  • I do this without chopping so fine. Parsley dust is not wanted or needed in my home. I love curly parsley for tabouli, and the great detoxifier, cilantro, for almost everything else. Great video on storing and chopping, and I love the blessing part, thank you. - 5/30/10

  • I love to grow parsley. I start it from seed in the house. It takes 3 weeks before it even germinates and you start to see a green stem. Very slow grower, but I add it to many dishes in the kitchen. I liked this video and how to keep it fresh in the fridge. - 4/6/10

  • I love parsley and I am NOT a member of the SPPPPPPP. That would be the Society of Prevention of Putting Parsley on Other People's Plates in Public Places.
    I agree with the above comment about not so fine. Geeze, give the dish some texture and color. Parsley is very good for you! So eat lots - 4/6/10

  • Works for cilantro and other herbs, too. NOTE: At the end of a week, I fold unchopped herbs in netting and place in the oven at the very lowest temp (@150 degrees) for several hours/overnight, turning over once. Dried herbs for when I don't have fresh on hand. Crumble, store in small jars or bags. - 4/6/10

  • This is indeed the traditional method. However, it is not always necessary to chop herbs so fine. A coarser chop adds texture and brighter color to many dishes, especially pastas. Also, parsley stems are very tasty! - 4/6/10

  • Awesome. Max (Maxine) is gonna love this! Can cilantro be chopped using the same proceedure. It's such a chore! - 4/3/10

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