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"Studding" an onion with cloves and a bay leaf imparts flavor without fat to any sauce.

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  • And butter isn't necessary unhealthy. You NEED fat in your diet to absorb a lot of vitamins and minerals. - 11/7/15

  • What is the advantage of "studding" the onion over just adding an onion, cloves, and a bay leaf to a sauce?

    Why boast that the onion doesn't add fat or calories to the recipe of BUTTER and FLOUR? How about developing a sauce that is healthy and tasty instead? - 10/17/15

  • Milk, butter and flour for the white sauce doesn't sound all that healthy to me. - 3/22/15

  • What sort of bay leaf? A fresh one? Those dry bay leaves crumble and break. If I try to stick a clove through a bay leaf it will just make a mess. - 2/8/15

  • The English use this when they make Bread Sauce for Christmas Dinners - 2/8/15

  • I'd like to see a recipe using the end product of this studded onion video! - 9/23/14

  • Great idea! Love onions! - 3/17/14

  • WOW!! Great I will have to try it!! - 1/1/14

  • Wonderful - 10/31/13

  • Neat idea! - 9/7/13

  • Hmm.. Maybe I'll try this. - 3/28/13

  • let me get this straight, you are adding this to a white sauce with butter and flour? And you are worried about adding calories or fat? hmm. Could you come up with a healthier white sauce? - 3/14/13

  • I'll try it. - 2/25/13

  • great idea! - 2/11/13

  • How about that! (Wish my kitchen looked that clean-ha,ha) - 1/11/13

  • brilliant!
    - 1/11/13

  • How long does it need to be in the liquid? - 11/16/12

  • Wow that was easy and sounds great.

    Thanks - 10/29/12

  • Simple and flavorful - 9/14/12

  • looks good - 9/13/12

  • Sounds interesting ... I'm all for adding flavor without adding fat. - 9/10/12

  • I will try this and no calories!! - 9/8/12

  • I am willing to try it! - 9/4/12

  • Sounds yummy have to try. And it also seems easy to do. - 9/2/12

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