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Find out how to store, prep, and choose asparagus. You'll also learn how to save time in the kitchen, too!

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  • Enjoyed this video. Excellent tips! - 7/27/18

  • Great tips! Didn't know to store with water! Thanks! - 6/23/18

  • Thank you. - 4/13/17

  • Never liked asparagus (having only had it out of a can) but definitely sounds good grilled! Gonna have to give it a shot! - 8/12/15

  • All these years eating asparagus only to find out I've been storing it wrong! - 3/21/15

  • Video had a lot of info it a vegetable that was never used around my mother Kitchen that I remember But I must have tried it some where because I like it now I know where to begin. Thank You - 3/4/15

  • Google pay 97$ per hour my last pay check was $8500 working 1o hours a week online. My younger brother friend has been averaging 12k for months now and he works about 22 hours a week. I cant believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is wha I do...... - 1/12/15

  • Missed the part about "choosing"...??? - 7/27/14

  • Great tip. Now I don't have to waste so much. - 3/10/14

  • Interesting. I love asparagus but I have a problem with the quills . Now I know how to get rid of it. Thanks for the tips. - 4/11/13

  • Thank you. - 3/11/13

  • Not my favorite veggie, but like tips!
    - 2/22/13

  • Glad to know it is ok to use the thicker part for stews. - 2/9/13

  • Great tips. - 1/24/13

  • Never knew the name for "quills" or to cover the asparagus stored in water. - 1/22/13

  • learned something new! Thanks, Chef Meg - 12/31/12

  • Very interesting. I had no idea that it should be stored in water. - 10/19/12

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