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Staying organized helps Chef Meg put a healthy dinner on the table on even the busiest of nights. Take a peek inside her freezer, and learn some great tips!

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  • I was told by my repairman that I should use containers that have holes on them for the air to circulate in the freezer. - 7/26/16

  • Those are some great freezer organizing tips and also about keeping things fresh. Thanks Chef Meg. - 6/17/16

  • I bought 4 large Rubbermaid storage containers with lids that all fit in my 2-shelf top freezer. Label one end of each with Fish, Beef, Poultry, Meals. Use scotch tape and marker. Place food in individual freezer zip lock bags and put inside appropriate container. Vegs go on door. - 5/9/16

  • Yep, flour can go rancid, particularly if you grind it fresh yourself from the wheat berries (or oat flour which you can make in a blender with the cereal type oats, etc.). I've read that coffee should not go in freezer because they can pick up freezer food odors. I suppose a vacuum resealer?? - 5/8/16

  • We buy meat in larger quantities, then divide and freeze the excess in individual quart bags and then put 3 or 4 of those in a gallon bag. Also excess loaves of bread. Where was her meat? I could easily organize her few items in my freezer, but I freeze and store way more than she does. - 1/22/16

  • Coffee should never be put in the refrigerator or freezer. - 1/11/16

  • This is good but I'd like to see more. I had no idea flour spoils??? I keep mine sealed tight and never seen anything bad happen with my baking. I keep flour for months, always have. - 12/12/15

  • Good info. Several I didn't now. Thanks. - 9/24/15

  • Thanks Chef - 7/31/15

  • Good tips!
    - 7/31/15

  • Wow, some good tips I would have never have thought of here. - 7/31/15

  • Good tips. Thanks/ - 6/17/15

  • Moderator needs to remove the spam below. This person doesn't appear to be a real Spark member. - 3/17/15

  • Anybody have any ideas for organizing a small, refrigerator top freezer? My upright deep-freeze quit working and I have a terrible time trying to organize the little one. - 7/23/14

  • Thank you. We are having a new kitchen and appliances put in as I speak so, this video is so helpful. We (my husband and I) have different ideas on how to store frozen foods in the freezer and this video will be very helpful to both us.
    - 6/26/14

  • Great tips. Thanks - 6/26/14

  • I uses the giant ZipLoc bags (Amazon has them) in my chest freezer to sort. I have one for veggies, one for chicken, etc. I use a large Sharpie to label the handle since you see that. Day to day freezing including what I bring in from the chest freezer for the week is done in my fridge freezer, - 5/17/14

  • From the comments here I like the idea of using the milk crates in a chest freezer, and the baskets that came with it. Now I have an upright freezer so I use different shelves as was suggested. I like a chest freezer better, but I needed an extra refrigerator so used the space vacated by the chest. - 5/6/14

  • This is good to know. Thank you. - 5/2/14

  • Thanks for the tips. - 4/24/14

  • I like the idea of organizing by zones. That makes so much sense! I currently have a side by side freezer and I hate it. Doesn't seem like there is any room in there. Fortunately we have a freezer on the bottom in our other house, which I love!
    - 2/18/14

  • Love the Food Saver to vacuum seal meats as well as other items.
    Have learned to pack cooked beans in freezer bags (2 cups per bag) and stack them.
    Don't like side-by-side fereezer/refrig. combo as freezer space is difficult to use.
    Also freeze flours, coffees, bread crumb toppings, etc. - 2/6/14

  • I have 2 large side by side refrigerators. It's just me and DH so I donated my upright freezer to a charity a couple yrs ago, Wish I had it back. Those side by side frigs just aren't conducive to organization in the freezer sections. Anyone have this problem? How do you organize them? - 2/5/14

  • Good idea. I try to organize but have a roommate that will buy bulk meats when she sees a sale and that ends up taking up almost half of the freezer - 1/25/14

  • How I wish I had your freezer! I have a small apartment size freezer without much space, any ideas? - 11/2/13

  • Love the idea of grouping food together. Will have to try that but first I have to figure out how to train the family into doing it too! Thanks for the tips!
    - 10/5/13

  • Great tips! I need to "zone" my fridge and freezer. I already do this in my pantry, but never thought to do so in the fridge/freezer! Thanks for the ideas! - 9/25/13

  • just as Micheal said I'm amazed that any body can earn $8227 in 4 weeks on the internet. read the article.... - 9/6/13

  • Great idea works if only one person is adding to freezer. My husband throws in lunchmeats, fish, fresh fruit etc. wherever it fits, doesn't take it out again, and I can't find what I need. Our grandchildren are much better about organizing but they don't live with us. - 8/17/13

  • There has been a lot of talk about freezing/heating food in plastic. Are you concerned about the possible carcinogens? - 8/17/13

  • Great video! Thanks! - 8/15/13

  • thanks a bunch! - 8/15/13

  • Thanks for the freezing tips
    I just put my flour and nuts in there! - 7/14/13

  • Thanks for the great tips from both the video and the comments. - 6/12/13

  • Great ideas from the comments - love the sharing of info! - 5/29/13

  • Thank you! - 5/5/13

  • Thanks for the tip on freezing sauces. I've never done that. Also, I have a lot of meat in my freezer. That wasn't addressed in the video. - 4/4/13

  • How long can you freeze flour w/o loosing its value?
    - 3/20/13

  • Where do you keep your frozen meat? Also, what do we do to organize our freezers that are on the top of the fridge, having no shelves or drawers? - 3/18/13

  • I keep frozen fruits ,vegetables, and sauces in the small freezer. Meats go in the stand-up freezer -one shelf for each - beef, pork, chicken, other. Freezer tape is the BEST thing for labels on foil wrapped items or even on plastic bags AND items in refrig. - 2/8/13

  • I have one big chest freezer for meat, one big stand up freezer for veggies and fruits, and I use the small freezer above my fridge for miscellaneous products, like soup stocks I've made. I'm all about eating foods in season so I make use of my freezers in the winter! - 2/1/13

  • Anyone else feel this doesn't work as well for your "traditional" top freezer? I always have everything falling out on me. - 1/22/13

  • A tip I got for chest freezers: A friends Aunt used to have a small notebook attached to her freezer. She had her entire freezer inventory written down, with the date. When you removed an Item, it was crossed off, and her fury was legendary if someone forgot to cross an item off! - 1/16/13

  • I use a FoodSaver for freezing meat in single serving packets, DH eats meat but I don't. I have a chest freezer with 2 baskets, one for frozen veggies and the other for my vegan food. The idea of using milk crates is great! Thanks. - 1/4/13

  • Remember that cross contamination can be very harmful to your health. It could happen any time, especially if the electricity goes out or the freezer stops working properly. To avoid this always put vegetables and containers on top and meat below. Fish and/or chicken should be at the bottom. This go - 12/7/12

  • Never knew about freezing rice and flours, etc. Going to start doing this !! - 12/1/12

  • Always put a couple of Bay Leaves in with any grains or flours to keep the bugs out. Whole grain flours MUST ALWAYS be refrigerated. The germ oils will go rancid within just a day or two - not a health-promoting situation. - 11/22/12

  • Don't be afraid to use a box to put small items in when u put them in the freezer. Pam Young has lots of help on her web site MakeItFunAndItWillGetDone(dot)com - 10/11/12

  • Thanks for the tips. (Now if I could only train my husband to start putting the items where they belong instead of just throwing them in the - 10/1/12

  • Love the tips on here. I've been freezing rice and flour ever since we had to throw out a lot of food because of bugs. I like the idea of the crates to separate different meats, it's also a great idea so you don't have a roasting chicken land on your foot when you open the door. - 9/24/12

  • Where do I get my SparkPoints? - 9/7/12

  • ok - 9/7/12

  • Thanks for another great video Chef Meg! I like the tip on freezing sauces & cutting off portions as needed. I also love the tip from DC2837998, to use milk crates. I will use both tips in the future. - 9/6/12

  • With a large family we buy in bulk and have 2 freezers. Everything is divided when we get home and labeled with content and date. But I have never done the sauces! I will have to try that. - 9/6/12

  • Finally, I know what to do with the leftover chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. And the idea of slicing them when you need them is excellent.
    The idea of freezing flour, especially special flours, is also new to me. THANK YOU, CHEF MEG. - 9/6/12

  • This was a helpful video, some tips I already use. I like the idea for the different coloured cargtons for different types of meats. I made cotton bags, there are cows/steer on one, chickens on one, piggies on one etc. I put the various types of meats in them. - 9/6/12

  • Love her ideas. I have a upright freezer I buy in bulk and sales. Like the lady above I portion out meal size and personal size servings. I grill or back my chicken shred it weight it and freeze it for quick fixings always have frozen veggies & homemade stock to control sodium & Fat - 8/31/12

  • what about large freezers - 8/30/12

  • Thanks :) - 8/28/12

  • Thanks! - 8/28/12

  • I have a side by side and didn't realize how small it was until I started stocking it. I'm with the others....where's the beef, lol? I use frozen chicken breasts, individual hamburger/turkey burger patties, shrimp, etc. That takes up a lot of room! - 7/8/12

  • I didn't find this video helpful. Meat is my expensive frozen item. I wrap paper labels around each pkg to find them easily. The best method I've come up with to remember what's in my meat section is to keep a computerized list by types (chicken, beef, fish, etc) and list the "use by" date. - 7/8/12

  • this was helpful. thank yoi - 7/8/12

  • @SYLBA61 - If you watch the video closely, you can see a carton labeled "Vanilla Ice Cream" in the bottom left corner of that divider.

    Thanks for the tips! - 4/28/12

  • Great tips. Thank you! - 4/16/12

  • didn't see any video! - 4/16/12

  • Great questions about meat. Since we now eat only in 3-4 oz portions, I cut and weigh pieces into 4, 8 , 12 oz portions and place them in freezer bags, creating a a meats section. I don't have a frozen treats section. Fresh fruit is safer for me. I just don't need as much meat when eating 3-4 oz per - 8/26/11

  • I like this tip, i will try this when i get home today. - 8/19/11

  • I buy milk crates ( $2.50 @ Menards ) in different colors - blue for beef, pink for pork, red for venison, yellow for fowl, etc and group them by type and color - easy to pull out each crate - tip: don't overload. - 8/9/11

  • Homemade ice cream? I saw Breyers. I also pack serving size meats in freezer containers. To cut help eliminate freezer burn, I top the meat with a piece of plastic wrap to keep oxygen from getting to the meat. This seems to help. I put different meats on different shelves in my upright freezer. - 7/5/11

  • I use a Food Saver Sealer which adds storage time. However, I see you had no meats. How do you organize that section? This area needs some tips because of the unstackable various sizes and bulkiness. No matter how you try to stack them you get clutter. I like the seperation idea. This was great - 5/3/11

  • This video is good advice for single people or couples. Is there a different video or families? - 4/25/11

  • Good tips. Our large chest freezer is impossible to organize primarily since it is packed, and its all meat. We have about 1.5 of our grass fed cows, .5 ofa hog, and 2 deer. Last week we weighed it down with a box of potatoes.I keep vegetables,chicken,fish,and berries in our other one,In bins - 4/15/11

  • Dang this woman makes her own ice cream???? - 3/9/11

  • i have been freezing nuts flour coffee as well as rice for years - 3/4/11

  • very alot from it...bout2put it2use - 1/27/11

  • We have 2 freezers, a chest one holds garden veggies and fruit, meats, venison, pork, beef, chicken, fish, all from home. The fridg freezer has kid treats, frozen yogurts, etc, and daily use items like frozen celery, onions, peppers, etc, from my garden. Thanks for the extra tips. - 1/18/11

  • we have three freezers crammed with all kinds of food and a lot of meat.we live way out in the country so an extra freezer really comes in handy.Husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy but I have him eating more vege's in the last several years.I like to freeze almost everything and freeze most. - 12/24/10

  • Great! - 12/11/10

  • The lack of meat in the freezer was my first question! What gives. I have a deep freezer and I find it hard to keep organized, Also, what about a good pantry list of items to have on hand! - 11/1/10

  • Great tips for easy access. - 9/5/10

  • I always use Tupperware to store my flour in the pantry. It is air tight so keep much longer and no messes either and saves valuable freezer space. I also use Tupperware so freeze my meats. I used smaller containers to have just enough for a recipe (eg 1 lb ground beef) and no freezer burn. - 7/31/10

  • Where is the meat? That is probably 75% of what is in my freezer, and once I've packaged it in individual baggies to freeze they just fall everywhere in the freezer ... - 6/21/10

  • Thank you. I noticed you don't have any meat or fish in your freezer. Is there a reason (ie. only use fresh?, second freezer?).
    - 6/20/10

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