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Learn how to properly remove zest from citrus fruit with Chef Meg Galvin of


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  • great info!
    - 2/18/17

  • I love my microplane, but a great alternative not mentioned here is a vegetable peeler. Perfect for big pieces to steep, or you can julienne or mince as needed - 5/24/15

  • A micro planner is so much easier! You can put zest in anything like orange in rice, lemon in ice tea, lime in salsa, lemon on fish, any zest in cheesecake, endless applications. Yumsters!!! - 4/22/15

  • Looks so easy. - 4/16/15

  • just used the zest last night on the chicken picata recipe on this site and it was delicious! - 2/9/15

  • I never cooked with zest, now I will. - 9/21/14

  • Cef Meg, You Are Terrific - 6/16/14

  • I never knew I wasn't supposed to go up and down over and over. I will be more careful not to get the pith next time. - 3/23/14

  • Very helpful! - 2/6/14

  • Great video - 6/19/13

  • Oh, so that is how to get zest! I've always just skipped it when a recipe called for zest...or added some juice/flavor crystals. How easy this looks......silly me.
    - 6/2/13

  • The knife seems too tedious. I just bought a "zester." I love it. - 5/14/13

  • I never used the knife method but I think it will make nice garnish. I'll try this! - 4/19/13

  • I have always used the knife for zesting. Now I can use my grater. Thanks for the info. - 3/23/13

  • great info! - 1/25/13

  • Thank you, I always wondered how to get zest!! Great info!! - 1/3/13

  • Nice video. This information will enhance my cooking. - 12/20/12

  • I didn't know there were so many ways to zest citrus -- although, with my skills (insert sarcasm) around sharp kitchen utensils, I'm still afraid I'll zest my fingers too. ;-) - 12/2/12

  • Great video. I have a microplane and it works great. I do like the knife tip. - 10/23/12

  • My potato peeler has worked for years for me although I would love to have the microplane. It makes such fast work of the job. The box grater does not work as well in my opinion. - 10/23/12

  • I've never used a box grater or a microplane to zest. I've used a vegetable peeler, and I also have a zester tool. - 9/18/12

  • Well done video! - 9/17/12

  • saw the video 4 times, still have not been able to get my points. sure it's only 3 but !!!!! Tried to go some place else, back here & STILL NO POINTS. - 9/16/12

  • Citrus Zest is a great flavor alternative to salt and oils. I will be trying this out. - 9/13/12

  • Loved this! - 8/28/12

  • Great little video. I only used one way before, now I know more and enjoyed the show, not just talk. Thanks. - 5/10/12

  • Great help thanks this is not how it is shown on regular cooking shows. - 5/10/12

  • Grapefruit sounds interesting -- never thought of using that. Which foods would be "better" with grapefruit zest? - 3/21/12

  • I've been wondering how to do this because I have 3 citrus trees full of fruit right now. Very helpful! - 1/16/12

  • Excellent and very helpful. - 12/13/11

  • Loved the great tips. Now I can have some "zest" for life. LOL
    Thanks Meg. - 12/11/11

  • hmmm. I've heard of zest, but I never knew it was actually used for flavor. I thought it was more for prettiness. I will definitely be trying this. I love to not waste and am always looking for a flavor change! - 12/11/11

  • You have no clue how thankful I am for this video. Now I can conquer a recipe that I wasn't going to try for not knowing how to do something as simple as zesting. Thanks Chef Meg and Sparkpeople for putting this out here for us and thanks to Samantha_SP for directing me to this. Ya'll are the best. - 10/5/11

  • I liked this, she always inspires me. - 7/12/11

  • Isnt pith an interesting word. Thanks - 12/16/10

  • Now I know a few ways to correctly zest citus fruits, great! - 12/13/10

  • great, now I know how to do this - 12/13/10

  • Thanks! I didn't know how to do this, and now I do. - 12/12/10

  • Who knew it could be that uncomplicated?

    I appreciate the clear naming of the tools and techniques, it sure helps this simple cooker learn! - 12/11/10

  • like using the microplane. keep one handy for this purpose as well as for my hard cheeses and chocolates. - 12/11/10

  • Wow! I have been doing it wrong this whole time... I'm dangerous now! - 12/11/10

  • Love the video and won't masacre the fruit now! :) - 12/11/10

  • I really learned something. - 12/11/10

  • Very helpful information for experienced and new cooks. I didn't know the knife technique, I'm going to have to give it a try. - 12/11/10

  • thank you - 12/11/10

  • Great video! - 6/20/10

  • I luv Chef Meg - 6/8/10

  • I didn't realize I needed to only do one swipe in each area- good to see a pro doing it to get the scoop. I also liked how she was able to use the paring knife to remove any remaining pith on the cut peels. - 5/5/10

  • Zesting with a knife, how interesting. We learn new things everyday. Liked this video. - 3/7/10

  • I liked the video. I never knew how how to "zest." I will be using a grater with gloves on to prevent some of the nicks and nicks and cuts. It's great to actually see these demos. - 3/4/10

  • Sooo Good aas a seasoning, love the zest in many dishes as
    a wonderful flavor addition. - 1/15/10

  • Great for a one new to cooking to see! - 1/10/10

  • Very cool - so good to have a "visual" for the proper technique! No more pith for me! - 12/12/09

  • My favorite is also using a potato peeler. It doesn't waste any of the outside peel, with next to no pith. I then freeze it in zip locks for easy use later. - 12/11/09

  • I always keep a variety of citrus zests in the freezer.That way I can use them often. Nothing bumps up flavor like adding a little zest! - 12/11/09

  • I found that using a potato peeler works well instead of the knife as I am heavy handed and would cut too much pith with a knife - 12/11/09

  • I've never zested before because I really didn't know what I was doing. Now I'm armed and ready...I can't wait to try my hand at the "knife" method...a challenge! - 12/11/09


  • Until now, I used to use my grater and scrape back and forth to get the zest. I am very glad to learn the proper ways of zesting! - 12/11/09

  • I like the option with the box grater & knife to get the same result. - 12/11/09

  • LIKED IT - 12/11/09

  • Excellent and quick video. I have used all three methods. Clear, simle and good. - 12/11/09

  • great tips..I made lemon couscous a few days ago. I'm rather dangerous with a knife I have the nicks to prove it LOL. Still practing... - 10/9/09

  • i love how she throws in cooking terms and gets straight to the point - 8/23/09

  • I've never seen the knife method before that was very cool. I also like how she added in other bits of info as she goes. Like in this quick video she tell us which is the chiefs knife and which is the paring knife. For newbies this can be very helpful. - 7/31/09

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