Nutrition Facts
Servings Per Recipe: 12
Serving Size: 1 serving
Amount Per Serving
  • Calories 97.7
  • Total Fat 1.4 g
  • Saturated Fat 0.4 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat 0.1 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat 0.1 g
  • Cholesterol 32.2 mg
  • Sodium 108.4 mg
  • Potassium 160.8 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 19.9 g
  • Dietary Fiber 2.5 g
  • Sugars 4.0 g
  • Protein 3.4 g
  • Vitamin A 5.2 %
  • Vitamin B-12 13.3 %
  • Vitamin B-6 13.9 %
  • Vitamin C 4.6 %
  • Vitamin D 0.0 %
  • Vitamin E 9.1 %
  • Calcium 5.8 %
  • Copper 2.8 %
  • Folate 9.6 %
  • Iron 6.2 %
  • Magnesium 6.1 %
  • Manganese 16.8 %
  • Niacin 6.1 %
  • Pantothenic Acid 1.8 %
  • Phosphorus 5.5 %
  • Riboflavin 7.4 %
  • Selenium 9.9 %
  • Thiamin 6.3 %
  • Zinc 2.6 %
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Calories in 100 Calorie (normal sized) Low Fat Banana Bread Muffins

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Calories per Ingredient

Here are the foods from our food nutrition database that were used for the nutrition calculations of this recipe.

Calories per serving of 100 Calorie (normal sized) Low Fat Banana Bread Muffins

26 calories of Banana, fresh, (0.25 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long))

24 calories of Whole Wheat Flour, (0.06 cup)

15 calories of Granulated Sugar, (0.02 cup)

14 calories of Instant, Quick, and Regular Oats Cereal, cooked with water, (0.04 cup, dry, yields)

12 calories of Natures Best Large Egg, (0.17 serving)

3 calories of Milk, nonfat, (0.04 cup)

3 calories of Wheat bran, crude, (0.02 cup)

2 calories of Oat Bran, (0.02 cup)

0 calories of Baking Powder, (0.08 tsp)

0 calories of Salt, (0.01 tsp)

Nutrition & Calorie Comments  

These are delicious! I made them exactly as directed, except I added a bit of vanilla (somewhere between 1/2 and 1 tsp.). These are great to eat for breakfast with a little peanut butter on top for added protein! Submitted by:

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i used egg substitute, 1 cup ww flour and 3/4 cup oats along with 1/2 cup chopped pecans and 1 extra banana cut into chunks, also added salt and vanilla extract and a little fresh nutmeg..turned out AWESOME MOIST AND DELISH...i was hoping weight watchers points would have been a little less tho 4pts Submitted by:

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These muffins are wonderful!! Moist, tasty, not too sweet. I used splenda and doubled the oat bran because I had no wheat bran on hand. I love that they're a 100-carlorie treat and have so much protein. I plan on making them a regular in this house. Submitted by:

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This really needed a touch of salt (a strange comment from me, as I tend to think everything is too salty) and/or a touch of cream of tartar. The taste needs just a little enhancement and this would be amazing. Submitted by:

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Awesome !! I made the recipe as a loaf and cooked it 40 - 45 minutes. I also substituted the eggs with liquid eggs which lowered the fat content to 0.9 /serving and cholesterol to 1.9. All other stats were about the same. Thanks for a great recipe. Submitted by:

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I make banana bread and try to keep calories under control by using skim milk and Splenda. This recipe really sounds delicious. Submitted by:

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Love them! Made them vegan by using unsweetened almond breeze & ener-g egg replacer. Drops the calories about 10-15 each muffin. Taking them for Easter brunch :) thanks Submitted by:

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i like the comments on using brown sugar...i think it will bring more flavor. Submitted by:

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Very moist! I subbed 1/2 c flax meal in place of the bran since I didn't have any. I also used brown sugar instead of the regular sugar, but I think I may try molasses next time. I would have liked them to have a stronger flavor, so hopefully the molasses will help that next time. Walnuts too! Submitted by:

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I haven't tried these yet but wanted to respond to SABLEGIRL. Bran is the hard outer layer of grain. Bran is particularly rich in dietary fiber and omegas; it has many dietary benefits. You can usually find it in the baking section of your grocery store. HTH Submitted by:

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I didn't have wheat bran, so I subbed wheat germ. I also added some vanilla and cinnamon and used brown sugar. They are great, very dense and chewy. I doubt my DH will like them, but but I do and my toddler son is working on his second one right now. Submitted by:

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I used Splenda instead of sugar, substituted Apple sauce (home canned) for the milk and dried cranberries. they are delicious. Thank you for this wonderful recipe :-) Submitted by:

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These were very good! I made mine with all oat bran instead of the wheat. I think next time I'll try adding a tsp or so of vanilla and perhaps some brown sugar instead of white (for the taste). I love that this is all REAL food (no splenda, no egg beaters, etc) and still so nutritious and low-cal Submitted by:

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Substitute splenda for sugar
Substitute egg whites for eggs
Submitted by:

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I made these today and they are wonderful. I especially like that each one has nearly 3 grams of fiber. I used egg substitute in place of the egg and added 1/4 c. of splenda for a little added sweetness. I think next time I will cut that down to 1/8 cup though. Overall they were great. Submitted by:

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