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Fish is great for your health, but most of us don't know how to choose a fresh one. Learn how--and find out how to break down a fish and make fish stock.

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  • Thank you for sharing that information. So helpful!! - 8/6/18

  • Helpful video, thanks! - 5/5/18

  • Growing up,I would watch my father clean and fix the fish for cooking. Later when I had a son who liked to fish, I would clean his fish for him. This was a great video. - 11/17/15

  • She's correct you get 2 from each side of the spine on the bottom of a flat fish, and 2 from each side of the spine on the top - total 4. On a round fish like salmon, the spine is on the top of its body, so you fillet the right and left sides and get 2 fillets. Loved the tips on freshness. - 7/9/14

  • At 5:20, she says you get 4 fillets from a flat fish and 2 from a round fish. I think that was a mistake and should be the other way around.? - 5/25/14

  • I think I will get the fish already boned and cut. Makes it easier and I don't think I could stand doing all that cutting. - 8/16/13

  • We don't have fish shaped like that one in northern Minnesota! It is a little difficult to understand a flat shaped fish instead of a "regular" one. - 4/3/13

  • I remember my Mom doing this with fish growing up...mostly with the fresh fish my Dad had just caught in nearby Lakes. But I think I will leave this for the butcher. I just do not think I could separate the meat so easily from the bone and skin. - 1/21/13

  • UGH!! - 12/18/12

  • You made that look easy - 10/31/12

  • Holy Moly, that was quite unpleasant. But you made it look do-able. I will probably try to see the video several more times before tackling it myself. Thank you cheff Meg--as always your videos are fantastic! - 10/1/12

  • looks easy, thanks - 9/20/12

  • It looked pretty easy but, I don't think I'm quite ready to tackle it just yet. The mouthwash tip to get rid of fishy fingers is a nice tip to try with some other food prep. - 9/19/12

  • No Spark points for this video?????? - 9/10/12

  • Helpful - 9/5/12

  • I found your lecture on fish very healthy for me to loose a l ot of weight. - 9/5/10

  • I couldn't hear at first. I figured out there is a knob on my speaker. I don't remember turning it down. - 7/15/10

  • the video had no audio and when i tried turning on my closed captioning on my computer it was hysterical!!! good thing i could pretty much figure out what to do just by observing the video - 5/22/10

  • Wow, you made that look easy and doable, thanks! - 10/27/09

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